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With Care and Love: Hand in Hand

Diane Fine kicks off our National Family Caregivers Month blog series with a post about the love and support she gave to her late best friend, Katherine Mendez. 900 more words

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Conflict in the Family - Will Mediation Help You?

This month’s dementia care article is guest-authored by our colleague Karen Dworski, LCSW. Thank you Karen for sharing your insights, and by supporting our shared communities.  968 more words

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Strive at your pace. I know who you are.

World TB Day (24th March):

“Let me be” is a phrase that I hear from people wanting to express their individuality. At times by teenagers who feel they aren’t being understood by their parents. 1,184 more words

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Cyber Monday Gift Ideas for Seniors

by Pamela Atwood, MA, CDP, CLL

Happy Thanksgiving. In case you haven’t noticed ~ the holidays have started. Negative political ads have been replaced by holiday “needs” in a nearly-constant bombardment of commercials, while Facebook-ers debated whether or not to shop on Thanksgiving. 406 more words

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Life Review and Reminiscence: Essential Tasks For Positive Aging

You probably know from personal experience that reminiscence is something we all do. Heck, my three-year-old starts plenty of sentences by saying, “When I was a baby, I….” – it seems to be her way of making sense of where she is in the world now. 753 more words

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Song Spotlight: "Yakety Sax"

  • Mood: Humorous, Farcical
  • Theme: Instrumental (no lyrics)
  • Tempo: Upbeat
  • Genre/Style: Pop-Jazz Instrumental

Here’s a purely instrumental song that goes a long a way in creating a certain energy in a group: … 308 more words

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What Instruments Do Music Therapists Play?

“How many instruments do you play??”

That’s a question I hear on a regular basis, usually from a shocked healthcare provider or family member after I break out my oboe or mini-marimba in a music therapy session. 404 more words

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