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Strive at your pace. I know who you are.

World TB Day (24th March):

“Let me be” is a phrase that I hear from people wanting to express their individuality. At times by teenagers who feel they aren’t being understood by their parents. 1,184 more words

For Caregivers

Cyber Monday Gift Ideas for Seniors

by Pamela Atwood, MA, CDP, CLL

Happy Thanksgiving. In case you haven’t noticed ~ the holidays have started. Negative political ads have been replaced by holiday “needs” in a nearly-constant bombardment of commercials, while Facebook-ers debated whether or not to shop on Thanksgiving. 406 more words

Dementia Services

Life Review and Reminiscence: Essential Tasks For Positive Aging

You probably know from personal experience that reminiscence is something we all do. Heck, my three-year-old starts plenty of sentences by saying, “When I was a baby, I….” – it seems to be her way of making sense of where she is in the world now. 753 more words

For Caregivers

Song Spotlight: "Yakety Sax"

  • Mood: Humorous, Farcical
  • Theme: Instrumental (no lyrics)
  • Tempo: Upbeat
  • Genre/Style: Pop-Jazz Instrumental

Here’s a purely instrumental song that goes a long a way in creating a certain energy in a group: … 308 more words

For Caregivers

What Instruments Do Music Therapists Play?

“How many instruments do you play??”

That’s a question I hear on a regular basis, usually from a shocked healthcare provider or family member after I break out my oboe or mini-marimba in a music therapy session. 404 more words

For Caregivers

How Does Music Therapy Help In Hospice?

Hospices provide comprehensive palliative care to people at the end of life. At a time when comfort and quality of life become more important than curing a disease, people on hospice services receive help from from professionals across several disciplines, including medical doctors, nurses, home health aides, social workers, chaplains, and volunteers. 664 more words

For Caregivers

5 Songs for Springtime

In honor of this season, I have five songs to recommend adding to your bag of tricks if they aren’t already there. Add these songs to your “Springtime” playlist, use them to spark conversations with individuals or small groups, or integrate them into large group activities: 272 more words

For Caregivers