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Class Prep + Fund in Action

The time has come!*

On January 16th we’ll start the course this trip has inspired: “The Female Voice”. In the months since I journeyed back from Haworth, time has been spent cultivating the syllabus around the course, reaching out to voices who could speak into the content, and continuing to learn about women- especially outside of Europe and America- who are grandmothers we need to know. 900 more words

Book Prep

Fear: Friend or Foe

Can fear be a good thing?  I think it can be.  To me fear and pain can be very good things. If you were unable to feel pain you would not have any experience in how it can feel for other people.   219 more words

For Class

Freezer Burn

The wide hallway is a straight shot, the dark gray concrete walls and floor immaculate and lacking any sort of distinction. The guards stationed there often get lost when trying to find the separation, and nearly trip over in a fit of vertigo as that brief thought runs through their mind – … 2,835 more words

For Class

The Passion of Sun

Rainclouds littered the area in a dreary gray, the rain itself pausing for a moment to allow the scent of wet pavement to enter the atmosphere. 2,711 more words

For Class

The Box (2/2)

The young witch boy put his eye to the box as he tried to sneak a glance at what was inside – to no avail. He worried his lip and turned the box over, and over, his eyes trailing around the surface, gradually picking up speed. 282 more words

For Class

Pandora (1/2)

Petro’s sobbing joins the rain’s requiem outside. We are safely trapped inside the floating barrier that he created, but it won’t be for long. The inside of the bubble is warm and almost humid because of how much we’ve been breathing and how much the kid’s been crying. 297 more words

For Class

Love's Risky Embrace

Love can be a wonderful thing.  It can make people happy and it can make them feel safe.  Love is able fill a void that people have it their hearts.   302 more words

For Class