Wild vs. Domestic Rabbits: Where's the Difference?

If I’m not alone in this, many other people out there in the world can agree that when you want a rabbit, you admire the wild rabbits as well, even though you know you can’t own a wild rabbit. 1,053 more words

Rabbit Care

Book Review: Concise Theology

What if there were a short book you could refer to about Christian theology that was to the point, Biblical, answered your questions, even the weird ones about angels and predestination.   244 more words

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When You Say Weeds, I Say Forage!

For all of those people out there that complain about weeds, think about this. What can you do to use these weeds for good? Can it be forage? 888 more words

DIY Toys and Treats From Forage

Since forage can be used in many ways, showing what they can be used for is important. Because of that, I will be going over different toys and treats that are very easy to make from easy-to-access forage. 652 more words

Questions on Angels

This is a paper addressing questions that I was given about angels.  It doesn’t cover everything, but is a good start.

The term ‘angel’ literally means messenger.  1,020 more words

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About Black Belts and Christians

Good morning, my rain loving peoples! I love the rain, and I am SO thankful God held it at bay long enough for me to find out what was wrong with my truck. 1,223 more words

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Of frivolities, failures and friendships

(By Siddharth Janarthanan (sir) )

I was in grade 10 when I woke up in the middle of a night feeling anxious, bitter, small and guilty. 365 more words

Life In School