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Why I Let My Kids Watch Star Wars

As Star Wars fans, my husband and I have started showing some of the age-appropriate Star Wars films to our two boys. They have so enjoyed them, I daresay we have created mini Star Wars fans. 912 more words

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It Takes a Village to Raise a Child

While I was waiting for my son during his swimming class, I overheard a little boy sitting behind me speak unkindly to his friend. His mother wasn’t around, but she was tending to her other children at the time. 1,271 more words

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Digital Time Capsule Idea

I came across an idea: to reserve your child an email address when they are young and send them digital memories while they grow. Since I am 100% sentimental of course I had to do this. 175 more words

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Must love dogs


Me: I just love dogs. They are the best.

Jay: Eh. I’m not crazy about them. Actually I’m allergic.

Me: Well, you’re lucky I’m already in love with you because that would have been a deal breaker a few months ago. 781 more words

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A Sweet Beginning

It was the summer of 2011: my first time taking a trip of high schoolers to Young Life camp. I was pretty nervous to say the least, and my main focus was helping my campers have the best week of their lives. 573 more words

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Be Encouraged by the "In"

Look past the craziness, or the oppressive blandness–the apparent lack of life–and remember to be encouraged by what you’re “in” and what’s “in you.”

Philippians 1:3-11… 367 more words

Under Attack? Stand Firm TOGETHER

Sometimes we don’t realize we’re under spiritual attack–

Hold that thought, and notice that it is a we mentality that Paul uses when writing. Ephesians 6 is not suddenly addressed to one person. 543 more words