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Hi there, welcome to my blog!

Let me tell you something about myself:

I’m Anne Claire, I am a liberal arts and sciences student at Leiden University College in The Hague, 414 more words

The Talk

What I Wish My Family, Friends, and Ward Members Knew When I Came Home Early From My Mission

As a follow up to my post about what I wish I had known, this is what I wish other people had known when I came home from my mission. 2,486 more words

What I Wish I Had Known

Dissociative Identity Disorder Ettiquette DOs and DON'Ts

Just like with any disorder, supporters of those with Dissociative Identity Disorder might have to mind words and phrases which would otherwise seem commonplace, to make those they care about with DID more comfortable. 587 more words

Dissociative Identity Disorder

flash prompts // admiration

It’s been so long between posts that I don’t recognise the wordpress interface, so we’re just going to dive straight in.

This is in response to a writing prompt circulating tumblr: admiration (simple enough). 219 more words

Better Out Than In