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For PG2 Camp


you are so great – that you have planted the illusion of waking up earlier than usual i nmy mind so that I can spend time to pray and bask in your glory. 489 more words

For Family

For the House


I know that you have listened to my pleas, and have answered my prayers. I know that you love me and that you listen and hurt whenever I cry. 837 more words

For Family

For Madre


My mum is one of the strongest female that I know – probably even the most. She has this inspirational and quirky side of her that not many people get to see. 494 more words

For Family

Day 65 Me as a Speaker

Hi there!

March is the month for graduation for some schools….

So someone invited me to be a speaker in a commencement exercises to introduce a guest speaker (a local politician) who will actually give the ‘real speech’ in my aunt’s school somewhere in Bicol province . 133 more words

Whole New World- 4 Months

Ellie does something new every week. When I consider some of the things I get excited about, it cracks me up. I imagine my 27 year-old self doing the same action and expecting my parents to be impressed; it is quite hilarious. 356 more words


On the circle of life

This year I turn thirty, but it feels like I’ve been thirty for a while.

Between all my twenty-something friends I keep reminding to respect their elders, and the larger circle of friends who all crossed this milestone years ago, I’ve been here for a while in my mind. 463 more words

For Family