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International Competition / Internationaler Wettbewerb

Who can create the most creative drawing of ZIGGY’s new friend ?
Hint: it can be anything, for example: a goldfish looking like an elephant etc. 369 more words


Today's challenge- superlatives

When an adjective is one syllable long (e.g. big/fast/quick) then we add -est to make the superlative (biggest/ fastest/ quickest). If the adjective has more than one syllable (beautiful/ intelligent) in it then we add ‘most’ or ‘least’ (most beautiful/ least intelligent). 123 more words


Today's challenge- sweet tooth

If you ‘have a sweet tooth’ it means you love eating sweet things.


If you have a sweet tooth which of these don’t you like eating: 14 more words


Today's challenge- suit me



Write 3 items that suit you and 2 items that don’t suit you in the comment box below.


Today's challenge- phrasal verb 'go off'


We use ‘goes off’ to mean when an electrical device makes a sound. E.g. If your phone ‘goes off’ in the cinema it means it starts ringing. 111 more words


LUKE, Chapter 13 – The purification… in order to come to “the end of all flesh” (Part 2)

The rejection of unrepentant Judaism – until the time of the end

The majority of the Jews and their leaders in Jesus’ time lived an unrepentant life… 1,222 more words


Notes from the Editor

Critiquing the work of someone who you love, or even someone you feel more than just indifference towards, can be tough.  How honest should you be? 521 more words

A Word From The Editor