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A Strange Folder in My Documents

Attached are three journal entries, not sure what mad man wrote them but they magically ended up on this computer. Here you go:

Titled “ 1,997 more words


Bad Advice Bear 1

Hey there hikers, advice from your friendly neighborhood bear…I learned this technique after my first adult hibernation, you’d be amazed at how the post hibernation bear munchies are and how damn good some Breyer’s Ice Cream is people; microwave your spoon to get to the honeypot faster!


What your enlistment (or commision) really means (part three)

First and foremost this part is about the most evil piece of the military, (whispered) re-enlistment.

Second, these fine folks said a lot of it much better than I: … 261 more words


My Media List


All those interested in receiving their proper royalties per each transaction thusly only need to contact me through my contact page. Notice, I will give all necessary statistics however I will not do the mathematics for you the owner. 1,534 more words

For Free

What your enlistment (or commission) really means (Part 1)

To Enlist or not to Enlist, That is THE QUESTION

Oh yes, join away my free beings, join the shackles of your military brethren, join away and learn what it truly means to sell your soul. 853 more words