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The Nobel Prize

The nobel prize is the most prestigious and coveted international award which is administered by the Nobel Foundation in Stockholm.The nobel foundation was established in 1990.This prestigious award is bestowed to recognize those individuals who have contributed most materially to benifit mankind. 138 more words

Book review 15: The shed Blood of God’s Lamb overcomes all satan’s (sin)power

The shed Blood of God’s Lamb, Who now sits on heaven’s throne, Who overcomes all satan’s (sin)power

Rev. 5:6, “And I beheld, and, lo, in the midst of the throne and of the four beasts… 482 more words


Turn (away) from your evil ways

Leave the dimension of darkness

Ezekiel 33:11, “Say to them, says Adonai YaHWeH, I do not rejoice over the death of those who are evil, but I do rejoice in the conversion of their lifestyle. 1,364 more words



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LUKE, Chapter 11 - Our life must be a lovely fragrance (namely as of incense) before God’s countenance

In the light of the Israeli Tabernacle we must see this chapter in the sign of the altar of incense. For the altar of incense is the place where we, in prayer and worship, come to God and His Christ. 610 more words


Get a FREE letter from Santa.

What ever you call him. He is part of the magic of Christmas. Farther Christmas is probably your child’s favourite person at this time of year so why not help make it feel a little more special. 268 more words


More Products For Your Urgent Willingness Emergency System

In case you can find a durable Guided gentle using the on / off change inside the bottom of your take care of, you come about to get around the right monitor. 544 more words