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Kimmer's H50BAMF Daily Theme Rapp Sheet @kimphin1

Ok!!! In honor of Kimmer’s birthday and her one year of loyal and amazing service to H50BAMF themes, I present to you, Kimmer’s Daily Theme Rapp Sheet. 391 more words

Hawaii Five-0

For birthday girl @kimphin1 how about a little face time with #alexoloughlin ??

Yeah right, dream on sister. Sorry, this is the best I could do. (Kimmer here, engaging my editing priveledge: bummer!)

My top 7 choices of your best Fabulous Face Friday posts (have you ANY idea how hard this was???) I was only supposed to do 6 but I couldn’t do it! 46 more words

Alex O'loughlin

Happy Birthday @kimphin1 - Please accept our gift of thigh holsters #AlexOLoughlin

The gift that keeps on giving *sigh*

Thanks to @heyD50 who searched through dozens of thigh holster pics to nominate her Top 6.
You get to choose TWO! 38 more words

Alex O'loughlin

There may be white snow outside but it's White Hot Inside for @kimphin1's birthday! #alexoloughlin

No matter what temperature it is outside or whether you go by Celsius or Degrees, one thing is for sure….it’s white hot wherever Alex is. 48 more words

Alex O'loughlin

Hey #AlexOLoughlin put your shirt on! #SaidKimNEVER - Happy Birthday to @kimphin1

You guessed it! Part two of Kim’s birthday celebration is picking her best Topless Tuesday post.

You can choose 2 from her Top 6 here, as chosen by @heyMomo… 26 more words

Alex O'loughlin

It's @kimphin1's birthday! Let's start the celebration Moonlight style! #AlexOLoughlin #SophiaMyles

Today is Editor Kimphin1’s birthday! YAY!!

Almost 3 yrs ago (only 3??) when I *discovered* Alex, I made an even better discovery….I found H50Sardonic and in the process, I met Kim.   225 more words

Alex O'loughlin

Calendars for the month of June #AlexOLoughlin

Wow. I think you all outdid yourself this month!! Holy heck you guys are awesome!



Alex O’Loughlin Journal Facebook… 50 more words

Alex O'loughlin