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Bad night

three hours sleep, nausea, dioreah and spiraling anxiety bad enough to fuck up the day big style

food diary consulted and the fantastic Mrs checked stool samples (privacy is a thing of the past for celiacs) 32 more words


No blog yesterday, head too fucked, after hoping for an upturn i had an awful anxious and emotional morning, then a meltdown at work so bad they sent someone after me when i went for some air… 55 more words

Fuck fuck fuck

Just discovered the generic medication I have been on for two weeks (oh – the length of the horrific attack you say?….) has bastard fucking bloody cockwombling fucking GLUTEN in it. 40 more words

Everything Hurts and I'm Dying...

Ugh, I feel gross….just got back from urgent care with a possible case of strep.  Quick culture, inconclusive.  Throat culture sent off and I got sent home with antibiotics. 350 more words



I remember one time when I was five or so years old, watching one of the see-saw programmes on telly at lunchtime (Mr Benn, The Flumps, Words & Pictures) and some people were suggesting that instead of counting using ‘teen, twenty, thirty etc. 29 more words

Overdue rants and such.

Ugh, it’s been a hell of a week.  Our roof at the house sprang a leak.  We managed to get it contained, but we had to move a bunch of stuff out of  the room.   741 more words


Having three kids is like....

I get asked this a lot, so let me tell you. It’s like a beautiful day where you decide to go to the beach and as you get there some asshole takes the parking spot you’ve been waiting ten minutes for. 405 more words

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