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batteries and the devils of wwii

I heard this story one time from WWII about batteries. Apparently, the movers and shakers trying to beat the Germans needed extra battery power to do lights and what not on runways to beat the GERMANS and said, Hey, Battery people, could you do better?

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Poor choice of words (one Mad Max spoiler)

While no one really comments on Tom Hardy’s appearance in Mad Max, only his performance which was fantastic, once again journalists feel the most important thing about the female actors was their looks. 113 more words


A week with The Binding of Isaac

_It was a rough semester of school, the spring of 2014. I found myself being pulled in so many directions, I found myself having to put reminder notes around to check what day it was as soon as I woke up. 2,642 more words



There are few things in life that really piss me off, but one of them has recently become more prominent in my life. 

Why can’t guys and girls just be friends?!?!??! 761 more words

Yoga: the senility of serenity

With Summer’s hot breath breezing down my neck, I’m attempting to heave my ass off the couch and get fitter. Yes, that’s right, the couch keeps embracing me, seductively, clingingly. 480 more words

Insufferable conceit, conservatives and universal health care (you might get your feelers hurt!)

This. This story I am about to tell you right here is why we need universal health care in America. And also why we need to stop spewing meaningless phrases around like “personal responsibility” as if building a ridiculous word-salad is the key to solving the problem. 1,562 more words