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Grammatical Errors Comic Strip

I found this online a little while ago. Thought I’d share. ;)

For Giggles


Inspired by:

a sixty-pack box of Swiss Miss™ from Costco®.

  1. You can add more toppings to hot chocolate than any other beverage (e.g. tea, coffee, juice).
  2. 236 more words

Dedicated to...

I stumbled upon a set of comical book dedications the other day. In my opinion, they’re too great not to share, so here they are: 204 more words

For Giggles

Podcasts - the top 3

How did I ever do any housework before discovering podcasts?!

I know podcasts have been around forever, but it was only recently that I found some I really love. 372 more words


Friend + mum = mummy friend

Never underestimate the sanity saving powers of a good mum friend. She won’t mind spending hours discussing baby related issues that would send your other friends into a boredom induced coma. 192 more words


Café dreaming

Living in the UK and not being exactly an outdoorsy-all-weather type of person, I spend a lot of time with my little girl in cafés. One can’t afford to be picky when accompanied by one’s not always well behaved toddler, so provide coffee and some kind of play equipment and I’m yours faster than you can say “babychino”. 111 more words