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Standard issue mom gear?

I’m starting to think that due to the amount of time I spend playing on the floor with my daughter, knee pads should be standard-issue equipment for mothers – right up there with a nursing bra….

Growing the family? #twins #babynumbertwo

You know you’re really getting ready to try for a second baby when you start thinking, “gee, it would be kinda neat if we have twins this time.”

Parental augmentation #mamaneedsafreehand

My husband asked how much more helpful it’d be, as a parent, to have chameleon-like eyes that can see in front of and behind you. I said, “Not much; I’d rather be like Shiva and have multiple pairs of arms.” Seems I never have a free hand with baby around!

This makes it all worth it

Forget TV, we have a baby for entertainment! She’s the Three Stooges, a mime, and a comedian all rolled up into one toddler-sized ball of giggles.


A laugh brought to you by the fine folks at HaveAGayDay.org!

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The Rules of Gender-Variant Chivalry

Here’s a fun tongue-in-cheek look at what Mallory Ortberg says are the “rules” for gender variants. Worth a giggle, and a fun chance to see how many terms are in your vocabulary and how many more there are to learn! 54 more words