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I left, for good...

its two am. im sitting at my bed waking up from a dream. a very bad dream.


my heart ached once again. even in my dreams i am reminded how stupid i am for letting such a man go. 333 more words

Reaping and Sowing for Good

I have a question about reaping what you sow. How does a Christian believe that they will receive the good out of life if they have sown a bad seed?

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how to lose weight

How to lose weight

What exactly is a Balanced Diet For Removing extra weight

The total calories that you ought to be taking in make use of whether you are a females as well as a man. 767 more words

Wicked: My Top 5 Moments

How could I choose which 5 moments I love the most when you love the show from start to finish? Indecisively, that’s how. My favourite moments probably do and will continue to change, but I think the following list is the current general feeling I have. 788 more words


For Good

Genesis 50:18-21
“ brothers then came and threw themselves down before him. ‘We are your slaves,’ they said.  But Joseph said to them, ‘Don’t be afraid.  231 more words


#AtoZChallenge W is for Wicked (the Musical)

“Are people born wicked?

Or do they have wickedness thrust upon them?”

Wicked, the Musical

This is the 2nd time Wicked finds its way into the A to Z Challenge.

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A To Z Blogging Challenge

Unanswered Prayers 1: Closer to Him!

When you most needed it, your prayer seems to be in vain, we are often reminded.   Some prayers are answered immediately while some prayers seem unheard.  588 more words