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A (de?)motivating Feynman's quote

If an ape can make a discovery, so can you.

Richard P. Feynman

as quoted in this book

What do you think about this quote?


Doing Research

Hunting Down the Old References

While writing the research papers one quite often needs to get back to the full texts of old (pre-Internet or at least pre-arXiv) references. 233 more words

Doing Research

How Much Passion Do You Need to Succeed in Science?

This very interesting and very controversial issue is discussed here, here and here. The discussion was triggered by this post at the YFS blog on the all not-too-nice kinds of people one encounters in science and on losing one’s illusions down the road into the academe (see also… 19 more words

Doing Research

Academia or Industry?

See this article from the Science Careers (hat tip: ZapperZ)

Update: on the broader issue of leaving academia see also here, here, … 49 more words


How to Write a Letter of Recommendation

Some advice on the subject can be found in the article by Richard Reis and in the book by Steven G. Krantz (the second link is from the discussion of the Secret Blogging Seminar’s… 19 more words

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