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An Open Letter to my husband about Postpartum Depression


Since the baby was born, things have been different. I’ve been different. And I haven’t really understood why. I just know that I’m not the same girl I used to be. 1,230 more words


Wives, Please Don't Read This...

Okay, husbands…pay attention.

I deal with tons of people, all day long. Not complaining. I like it like that.

However, when I get home, I like to lock the door to the cave — and hibernate for a little while. 121 more words


Rise Up. Be a Man.

I (Darin) grew up with 3 older brothers and now that my second child is almost here I’m thinking – HOW IN THA WORLD did my mother do it?! 554 more words


Gentlemen - Would You Help Us Better Understand the Mechanics of Masculine Prayer?

I attended the first session of a Bible study about prayer this morning and we talked about the benefits of having a prayer journal. I LOVE journaling – it is the way I prefer to pray because writing things out forces me to stay focused and helps me cement what I am reading in Scripture in my mind. 302 more words

For Husbands

"Why Is My Wife So Disrespectful?" - by Peacefulwife

A guest post by my wife, April. You can find her at www.peacefulwife.com or her Youtube channel, “April Cassidy.”: It is always tricky on the blogs when we have a female on the husband’s blog or a male on the wife’s blog.   3,624 more words


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Here's something for the husbands. Ladies, for some of you, this is not going to be a productive use of  your time because it may be a trigger for negative or sinful thinking. Some of you will probably do better focusing on what God calls you to do on your end of the marriage relationship. Hopefully you know who you are. :) Much love! April

Some Questions for the Husbands

If you are interested, we would LOVE to hear your perspective on these questions. You can answer as many as you would like. I am looking for answers that will most help wives understand their husbands’ hearts and to be strong teammates with their husbands.   222 more words

For Hurting Husbands

My dear brothers in Christ,

I don’t usually write for you – but today’s post from earlier may be very painful for many husbands to read.   1,609 more words

Contentious Wife