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An Open Letter to my husband about Postpartum Depression


Since the baby was born, things have been different. I’ve been different. And I haven’t really understood why. I just know that I’m not the same girl I used to be. 1,230 more words


Wives, Please Don't Read This...

Okay, husbands…pay attention.

I deal with tons of people, all day long. Not complaining. I like it like that.

However, when I get home, I like to lock the door to the cave — and hibernate for a little while. 121 more words


Rise Up. Be a Man.

I (Darin) grew up with 3 older brothers and now that my second child is almost here I’m thinking – HOW IN THA WORLD did my mother do it?! 554 more words


Gentlemen - Would You Help Us Better Understand the Mechanics of Masculine Prayer?

I attended the first session of a Bible study about prayer this morning and we talked about the benefits of having a prayer journal. I LOVE journaling – it is the way I prefer to pray because writing things out forces me to stay focused and helps me cement what I am reading in Scripture in my mind. 302 more words

For Husbands