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Just a few pics of the new wheels

Saw this new Softail Slim (my dream bike) at the dealer on Wednesday, fell in love, did some trading, wheelin’ and dealin’, and took it home the next day. 29 more words

Just For Fun

Always Ask For More

It sure seems like absolutely everyone is taking video of absolutely everything…all of the time.  

No matter what is going on, someone seems to be taking a video and instantly posting it online for everyone to see, judge and make assumptions.  801 more words

Funeral Director

My Big Baby Girl & Other Updates

I am in a good space, not ecstatic, short-lived kind of high. This seems to be a more stable, long-lasting ‘good space’.
Things that I am not happy about still happen, I think I am just dealing with them in a better way. 636 more words


Silly Bucket List #2

Drink only tea and water for a month.

Halfway through this bucket list challenge of mine, I wondered why I even bothered with having it on my list. 219 more words


On The Radar: Strand Of Oaks

Sub-genres plague the fickle world of rock and roll. Google lands Strand Of Oaks in the ‘folk rock’ camp. Agree to disagree. Strand Of Oaks is the music of songwriter Timothy Showalter; a delicate mix of subtle Lucero angst balanced with a Band of Horses ear for melody. 70 more words

Heat Seeker

Off The Wheel (a revelation in truth and pleasure)

I recently meditated to the point of revelation by asking a simple question: what’s the point? See, it all started when I read yet another novel, and, as always, had to endure the typical roller coaster of plot, which inevitably contained tension (isn’t that the recipe required?),  death, sadness, and so on. 482 more words