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"For me, all that will come in its own time," Nicole Scherzinger reveals why she's not ready to have babies at 38

She reportedly broke up with Lewis Hamilton because he wasn’t ready to commit after dating for 7 years, however, 38 year old Nicole Sherzinger who has since moved on to 25 year old tennis player,Grigor Dimitrov says she isn’t ready to have babies because she has such a big family. 125 more words

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my brain

1. anxiety (60%)

I am a very anxious person in general. My brain is constantly going what if, what if, what if, and all these what ifs are terrible scenarios. 244 more words

a love poem

I love myself
I love the way my hair looks
I love it when my parents let me cut it short
I love how my mom lets me wear clothes that I like… 183 more words



It’s been a month since I landed in Manchester and…

Despite having -0.37p left to my name (don’t worry momma I’ve got plenty of food and pay day is Friday) 573 more words

For Me

My Pain of the Shins by Ella Andoh

Shin Splints

Hurt me they do

I Have Shin Splints

Now do you

Suffer from the pain

Please tell me you do

Let me pity you… 20 more words


I Did Not Know by Finn Lawless

It was two years ago, when my best friend, or at the time, my to-be best friend, Nancy, was sitting two seats behind me on a bus ride to Mt. 797 more words

For Me