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Minted Pea Soup Recipe - with a secret ingredient!

It is another hot day in Yorkshire and it is almost impossible to keep your cool. On one of those scorching days, I decided to treat myself to a refreshing and light dinner. 184 more words


Prawn Tagliatelle Recipe - Comfort Food for One!

There is an incredible amount of times when I come back home and all I need is some delicious comfort food. I always keep a bag of big prawns in my freezer and some pasta in the cupboard. 257 more words


Single Serve Soft Pretzel

Sometimes you just want to make a single pretzel. Sometimes, there’s only one to serve. For me, a good soft pretzel can be very comforting, and given that I’m currently living by myself (until 25 July), it’s easier to just make one pretzel and not worry about having leftovers. 333 more words


The Rice Crispy Treat For ONE (maybe 2)

Last weekend, in the midst of a friend’s wedding festivities, I had a thought. “Rice Crispy… yes… I need one.”

The problem with purchasing Rice Crispy (or Krispy, whatever) is that you inevitably get one of those gargantuan slabs of over-sweet goop with soggy rice cereal… or even worse? 459 more words


recipe review: mini lasagna bites

Since moving out on my own, I’ve trying to learn how to cook. It’s not always successful but sometimes, things just fall together. That’s what happened today: 263 more words


for one

I often
tell my mother
that she should still cook,
that she should prepare
a nice dinner
for herself,
for her body,
for her health… 53 more words


Rhubarb Strawberry Smoothie for One

Do you ever have leftover rhubarb compote? I don’t (because I eat it all every time), but maybe you do! And if you do, I have a great recipe for you. 211 more words