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Blackberry Ginger Glazed Wings

My girlfriend and I were talking about our love for roasted duck and chicken wings (not together, but you know), and the conversation turned to how most wing places all have similar sauces. 552 more words


Bacon-Wrapped Parmesan Fries

Behold the internet glory of bacon wrapped around crisp French fries.  Yes, that’s right, I wrapped French fries in bacon, fried them again, and then sprinkled them in freshly grated Parmesan cheese. 312 more words


Noodles for Noodles! 

Lately I have been living off noodles.

Noodle soup to be more specific. It all started with seeing a recipe for homemade pot noodles. The concept is simple: put noodes, veg and flavours in a container, cover with boiling water, leave sealed for 10 mins, stir and eat! 388 more words


Salsa Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs are a classic, cheap, filling breakfast that can easily serve as a blank canvas for flavor. This is a simple recipe for salsa-fied scrambled eggs that can either be eaten by themselves or in warm tortillas. 390 more words


Hot Cacao (For One)

Some days, you need a treat. The weather has been cold for too long, the sun is shining for the first time in days and you know it won’t last so you try to soak in every ray, and you need something warm to wrap your hands around while you sit in an awkward spot on your dining room floor because it gets the best sun. 156 more words


Hawaiian Pizza Hash Brown Waffles

Hash browns are a great and tasty classic breakfast dish. I’m a huge fan of Waffle House’s take on diner style hash browns, but sometimes you have to add some topping combinations that aren’t… 600 more words


Spicy Scrambled Tofu Tacos

Sometimes you just want a taco for breakfast. Sometimes you want something spicy to kickstart your day after you’ve had your first pot of coffee. Sometimes you want both, but you don’t feel like working with meat or eggs – or you either are a vegetarian or are entertaining them for breakfast. 307 more words