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Dessert Friday: Almond Chocolate Biscotti Shake

Some days, you just need a milkshake. Milkshakes make people happy.  This milkshake makes me happy, because it combines so many of my favorite flavors:  almond, chocolate, and coffee.   350 more words


Lime and Garlic Dry Rubbed Wings

I’m starting to find that I love dry rubs on wings more than sauce-based seasonings.  This recipe grew out of a Cuban-inspired marinade that I found didn’t impart any flavor to the chicken at all.   410 more words


Pudding: Apple, Raspberry & Basil Bake

So, I had these Ingredients in the fridge, and wanted to do a quick pudding to please my sweet tooth. This is what was made! 437 more words


Blackberry Ginger Glazed Wings

My girlfriend and I were talking about our love for roasted duck and chicken wings (not together, but you know), and the conversation turned to how most wing places all have similar sauces. 552 more words


Bacon-Wrapped Parmesan Fries

Behold the internet glory of bacon wrapped around crisp French fries.  Yes, that’s right, I wrapped French fries in bacon, fried them again, and then sprinkled them in freshly grated Parmesan cheese. 312 more words


Noodles for Noodles! 

Lately I have been living off noodles.

Noodle soup to be more specific. It all started with seeing a recipe for homemade pot noodles. The concept is simple: put noodes, veg and flavours in a container, cover with boiling water, leave sealed for 10 mins, stir and eat! 388 more words


Salsa Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs are a classic, cheap, filling breakfast that can easily serve as a blank canvas for flavor. This is a simple recipe for salsa-fied scrambled eggs that can either be eaten by themselves or in warm tortillas. 390 more words