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For-Profit Colleges: Marketing to the Desperate, Supported by Our Taxes

In the summer issue of The American Prospect, Mark Huelsman profiles the for-profit colleges he calls Betrayers of the Dream.  “The students targeted and affected most by fraudulent operators are disproportionately black, “explains Huelsman.  806 more words

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Regulators Investigating University Of Phoenix's Business Practices

Apollo Education Group, owners of the country’s largest for-profit college – University of Phoenix – is the latest target for federal regulators set on reining in the for-profit education industry for engaging in allegedly deceptive marketing practices. 631 more words

Former Employees Of Shuttered Four-D College Say They Have Not Been Paid

COLTON ­­­(CBSLA.com) — Former employees of a recently shuttered for-profit college in the Inland Empire are wondering if they will ever see their paychecks. 186 more words


Former Corinthian College Students Seek To File $2.5B Claim Against Bankrupt For-Profit Operator

Former students of now-defunct for-profit education chain Corinthian Colleges continued their fight to recoup the money they spent on classes at the company’s Heald College, WyoTech or Everest University campuses, filing a $2.5 billion claim against the bankrupt educator. 347 more words

When Comparing Colleges, It Would Help To Know If A School Is Under Investigation

Many consumers thinking of pursuing a higher education weigh the pros and the cons of a specific college: tuition, convenience, available areas of study. Last month, the Department of Education announced it would make the college shopping experience a little easier for prospective students by creating a consumer-facing online college comparison system. 356 more words

Agreement Could Temporarily Halt Legal Action On Loans For Some Former Corinthian College Students

Former Corinthian College students left with piles of debt after the company closed its Heald College, Everest University and WyoTech campuses earlier this year are getting a bit more relief, as the Department of Education announced it would temporarily suspend some legal actions related to borrower’s defaulted loans. 809 more words

10 Things We Learned About The University Of Phoenix's Alleged Military Marketing Strategy

It’s no secret that for-profit colleges receive a large chunk of their revenue from military education benefits. To deter unscrupulous for-profit colleges from unfairly targeting these prospective students, the government has imposed several limitations on just how these companies can recruit servicemembers. 999 more words