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Why Going to a For-Profit College Doesn't Pay Off

Students graduating from for-profit colleges end up making less money than before they walked down that stage to get their diplomas, according to a new study. 312 more words


Report: For-Profit College Students Earn Less After Graduation Than They Did Before

For-profit college chains often market themselves to non-traditional students — single parents, lower income individuals, military servicemembers — as a viable path to better job prospects and more money. 372 more words

20,000 For-Profit College Students Ask Education Dept. To Cancel Their Student Loans

As the fallout continues from the collapse of Corinthian Colleges Inc. — former operator of Everest University, WyoTech, and Heald College — the Department of Education is trying to sort through nearly 20,000 loan-forgiveness requests from former students who claim that CCI and other for-profit colleges misled them into taking out huge student loans. 382 more words

University Of Phoenix To Stop Stripping Students Of Their Right To Sue School

A recent study found that student enrollment agreements at virtually all of the nation’s biggest for-profit colleges have forced arbitration clauses that strip students of their rights to file a lawsuit against the school, and in most cases bar students from joining their similar or identical disputes together. 374 more words

Screwed Over By A For-Profit College? You Probably Signed Away Your Right To Sue

When Corinthian Colleges Inc. collapsed, leaving thousands of students in the lurch with student loan debt and credits that they didn’t know would be usable at other schools, they were generally unable to sue the failed for-profit educator because the students had unwittingly signed away their right to a jury trial or class action. 632 more words

Midwest Career College Abruptly Closes Doors, Files For Bankruptcy

Thousands of students attending Wright Career College in Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Kansas are now scrambling to figure out how to finish their education after the school abruptly closed its doors and filed for bankruptcy.  709 more words

The Unfulfilled Promise of For-Profit Colleges

The corporate world is constantly telling us that it knows better than the rest of us and business leaders are constantly telling us that government and the non-profit sector need to follow their lead and run their organizations like a business. 897 more words