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10 Things We Learned About The University Of Phoenix's Alleged Military Marketing Strategy

It’s no secret that for-profit colleges receive a large chunk of their revenue from military education benefits. To deter unscrupulous for-profit colleges from unfairly targeting these prospective students, the government has imposed several limitations on just how these companies can recruit servicemembers. 999 more words

Finally, effective action against for-profit "higher education" ripoff

Under new regulations that take effect today, colleges that want to be eligible for federal student-loan programs will have to document that most of their graduates are making the minimum amount of money that would be needed to repay those loans. 583 more words

Senators Introduce Legislation To Close Federal Funding Loophole Exploited By For-Profit Colleges... Again

Legislators continued their crusade to rein in the abuses of predatory for-profit college institutions by introducing a measure today that would close a funding loophole that often led the schools to target certain consumers in order to pad their bottom line. 604 more words

For-Profit College Loan Debt To Be Forgiven

Heald, Everest and WyoTech are for-profit colleges that have been known to deceive, scam and overcharge their students. Now the government is taking a stand – but is it enough?


Face it: America's experiment with for-profit colleges has failed

It doesn’t really get much more clear than this.

The Obama administration’s decision to effectively forgive the student debts of tens of thousands of students who attended schools run by the  622 more words

Students At Closed Corinthian Colleges May Ask For Federal Student Loan Relief

Getting a student loan discharged is not easy. Even bankruptcy is not usually enough to shake off that debt. But recent students at schools under the Corinthian Colleges Inc. 375 more words