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For the Public Good

Recent news that Arizona is tied for last in the nation for college completion rates and first in student loan default, just added fuel to the fire in the state’s education race to the bottom. 825 more words


Blood Money

Disgusting way to earn a living. Ghoulish, in fact. I hate them.

Carole Marshall: The Big Lie Behind Rhode Island's "Strategic Plan" for Education

Carole Marshall is a retired teacher who taught in the schools of Providence, Rhode Island. She was invited to participate in shaping Rhode Island “strategic plan” for 2015-2020, but soon became disillusioned… 203 more words

Corporate Reformers

Denis Smith: Can a State Agency Both Promote Charters and Regulate Them?

Denis Smith worked in the Office of Charter Schools in the Ohio Department of Education. In this article, he points out the paradox of tasking a state agency with both promoting charter schools while supposedly regulating them. 361 more words

Charter Schools

Clearing Yong Zhao's Good Name

Professor Yong Zhao is one of the most respected experts in the world on the dangers of standardized testing. I reviewed his latest book in the New York Review of Books. 868 more words