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Proof: Reformers Never Fail, Even Though Their Policies Do

We have observed frequently that reformers almost always have a soft landing in a cushy job, even when their previous endeavor was a dud.

Thus Chris Barbic led the Achievement School District in Tennessee, promising to raise the schools in the bottom 5% to the top 25% in five years; it didn’t happen (five of the six schools in the first cohort are still in the bottom 5%, and the sixth is in the bottom 10%). 111 more words

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Nevada: A Field Guide to the Booming, Wasteful Charter Industry

Hugh Jackson wrote this disturbing article for Nevada NPR. It demonstrates the extent to which the charter industry is expanding, bringing in lucrative real estate deals, speculation, and for-profit entrepreneurs from out of state. 2,177 more words

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Despicable, deplorable--you name it, it applies to this prison

A friend of mine brought this article from the Southern Poverty Law Center to my attention recently. Much like the Elliot Williams’ story, what happens in this Mississippi prison for the mentally ill sounds like it should be happening in a far-off impoverished nation. 442 more words


Bill Phillis: The Federal Government is the Enemy of Public Schools

Bill Phillis is a retired administrator who champions the cause of public schools in Ohio. He founded the Ohio Coalition for Equity and Adequacy. Having served as a deputy commissioner of the state education department, he closely tracks the state budget. 267 more words

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REPOSTED: Whitney Tilson and I Exchange Views on Education Reform and the Future

I am reposting this exchange because one of Whitney Tilson’s readers found it annoying to read ALL CAPS and said it reads like shouting. So he changed the typeface and put my answers in blue, which made sense. 5,494 more words

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MUST-READ! Sweden's Second Thoughts About Market Reforms

While American elected officials continue to encourage market reforms like competition, charter schools, and vouchers, Swedish officials are now recognizing the damage these reforms have done to their society. 368 more words

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