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Georgia: Online Charter School Rakes in Millions and Gets Poor Results

Georgia’s K12 Cyber Academy rakes in millions yet gets poor results for many of its 13,000 students.

The state’s largest “school” collects $82 million a year, but the Georgia Governor’s Office of Student Achievement gave it a D for poor performance. 491 more words


5 things to consider before choosing to attend a for-profit college

For-profit colleges: You may have heard about them in advertisements blaring on the radio and commercials flickering on your television screen.

The schools, which are beholden to stockholders and investors, aim to attract non-traditional students who may feel like a traditional college or university is out of reach. 812 more words


ECOT's Secret Sauce: Money, Money, Money.

Denis Smith worked in the Ohio charter school office, and he saw the combustible mix of deregulation, money, and politics. This is a combination sure to produce scandal. 340 more words

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New profession = big pay-off

I’m thinking of a new profession: One where I make gobs of money buying and selling something that can be used for 10+ years, and–unlike clothes and cars and oil and food–can be sold many times over for the same price: people. 376 more words


Privatization and the Demonization of the Public Good

The New York Times published an article about how critics of public schools now call them “government schools.” This is supposed to conjure up an image of a faceless, unaccountable bureaucracy, like the IRS, not your neighborhood public school whose teachers you know well. 798 more words

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California Settles with Online K12 Inc. for $168.5 Million

California Attorney General Kamala Harris reached a settlement of $168.6 million with mega-virtual charter K12 Inc. This settlement reflects the good investigative reporting of Jessica Calefati of the San Jose Mercury News, whose investigative… 461 more words

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Peter Greene: There is No Meaningful Difference Between a For-Profit Charter and a Non-Profit Charter

Throughout this presidential campaign, we have been treated (or subjected) to statements by both Democratic candidates Clinton and Sanders about charters: They don’t like “private charters” (Sanders) or “for-profit charters” (Clinton). 639 more words

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