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Property Tax Exemption Stripped from New Jersey Hospital

Morristown Medical Center, a New Jersey hospital that has mixed non- and for-profit work, was recently stripped of its property tax exemption by a tax court judge in that state. 308 more words


The White House's biggest crackdown on for-profit college debt takes effect

The era of students taking out bigger loans than they can ever repay may be drawing to a close at US for-profit colleges.

For a significant portion of Barack Obama’s presidency, his administration has been trying to… 249 more words

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Disclaimer prices: may vary overseas due to the way they govern they’re economic structures, and taxation. 7/1/2015

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Louisiana: John White Wants to Keep His Job; Dem Candidate; "No Way"

In an interview, John White made it clear that he wants to keep his $275,000 job as state superintendent in Louisiana. Bobby Jindal pushed the state board to hire him after his brief stint as superintendent of the Néw Orleans Recovery School Diistrict. 452 more words

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Steven Fesmire: Education and the Industrial Model

A comment by a reader:

Education and the Industrial Imagination

Prof. Ravitch and followers of her blog are of course right to underscore the fact that for-profit colleges and universities must be understood in the broader context of an increasingly dominant business or industrial model of education. 310 more words

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Teacher Andy Goldstein Denounces Florida's Devotion to High-Stakes Testing

Teacher Andy Goldstein greets the new superintendent of Palm Beach County with a brief lecture about the evils of high-stakes testing.

In Palm Beach County and in Florida, he says, the basic ideology is “Testing is teaching.” 101 more words

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A Teacher Writes about Greed-Greed-Greed

This teacher blogger has compiled a list of some of the most recent charter school scandals. It is not an exhaustive list; the scandals just keep coming. 421 more words

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