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Bernie and Hillary on Charters

Charters kill unions. Ninety percent of charters are nonunion. Their sponsors want it that way..

Personally, I am completely opposed to for-profit charter schools. I think they are an abomination. 295 more words

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Laura Chapman: What Charters Do Best

People often wonder why hedge fund managers and entrepreneurs are so devoted to the proliferation of charter schools and so hostile to public schools. If you survey the research, it is clear that they get about the same results overall as public schools. 389 more words

Charter Schools

California: Will Governor Brown Sign Bill to Ban For-Profit Charter Schools?

Governor Brown has until October 11 to sign or veto legislation that would ban for-profit charter schools in California. it is outrageous to squander taxpayer dollars on profits for investors and outrageous executive salaries. 205 more words

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Georgia: Gov. Deal's Phony Reform Will Damage Public Schools

Governor Nathan Deal likes to point out that both his parents taught school, but it’s not clear what kind of school they taught. Clearly he doesn’t like public schools. 186 more words

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How Charter Operators Rip Off Taxpayers

This article explains the financial shenanigans of unscrupulous charter operators. Not every charter founder rips off taxpayers, but the public needs to know when charter schools are set up to benefit greedy investors, not children. 508 more words

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Social enterprise redefined

I wrote a little bit on this topic previously but this is the right time to revisit it. Yesterday I met someone who told me he would like to start a social enterprise and among other things, it involves hiring disadvantaged people as staff. 420 more words


New For-Profit Charter Chain Expanding, Buying Two Ohio Charter Chains

A new, for-profit charter chain named Pansophic is planning to take over charter chain schools in Ohio. The linked story was published in June, but there have been no follow-ups since then. 297 more words

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