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Translator vs Interpreter

This may sound like old news… but if I got a penny for every single time I get people confusing those two I would be filthy rich. 316 more words

For Real?

Some drivel and some news

This memory is strong tonight: A quiet day, so quiet I can hear the coffee brewing in the break room and window glass settling in the building’s framing. 252 more words

For Real

small, pink jewel

Here I am with just a few moments to spare. The house is quiet, except for the obligatory tick tick tick of the clock. We bought it at Ikea for $1.99, and it ticks so plainly that it reminds me of the big black wall clocks that hung in every elementary and secondary school classroom I ever sat in. 527 more words

For Real


I am five years old, and am able to concentrate and hold onto the images around me, seeing even the pixelated static of colors. I know that white is not white and that black is everything mixed together. 274 more words

For Real

brightly painted buildings

Some of the things I remember about my family are most likely not altogether true. That is how an oral history is built: fiction is sprinkled into the batter along with the truth, browned and baked until it becomes something new, something edible. 893 more words

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On Ideas

Xander I went to campus today, and we found all of my classes and bought all of my books. The building that houses my business math and business communication courses is much shinier than the buildings that hold my arts, humanities, and social science courses. 55 more words

For Real

"Start a Blog, Change Your Life"

Here’s a photo of myself and the beautiful and talented Hannah Stephenson, taken last month in Columbus, Ohio.

Hannah is also an instructor, and she told me that she often tells her students to “start a blog, and change your life.” Hannah and I first “met” through reading each other’s words online, and she has contributed to all three issues of… 205 more words

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