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For good.

For love.

For him.

For her.

For them.

For the world.

What can you do for someone?


For Someone 

I have tried creating

A worded picture

Of a face unknown

Only eyes I was shown

And so I seem lost

Everytime life takes a turn… 39 more words

For Someone

I am poem... for Grandpa

I wonder if you know what you left behind.

I hear the sound of my mother crying.

I see my family hunched over his body, wailing. 198 more words


What Can I Say...

​What can I say

The words seem less

For the grief you’re in

Losing any one of two

Brings back the feeling

Of being stranded once more… 149 more words


Dear Connie,

I don’t think I have enough pretty words or expressions to tell you how much you’ve meant to me this year. But just know that you have impacted my life in ways not a lot of people have ever gotten the chance to. 495 more words

Vượt qua đại dương để gặp anh

Một lần tình cơ mình xem The Voice China thì nghe được bài hát này. Lúc đó mình rất thích, vì giai điệu vài cả lời đều rất hay. 789 more words

For Someone.

we gon be alright

Dear Punk,

You and I both don’t receive affirmations well, but try to soak this one in okay?

I appreciate you a lot. I don’t think you understand how deeply I have learned to cherish your friendship. 463 more words