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The light was shining upon her face

Like the way the stars shine

And her crimson coloured lips

Were a charm to see

With a tattoo at the back… 64 more words


Poem #1

Dead Dead Dead Dead

I lay down in my bed

thinking about all I could be doing instead

if only I wasn’t sick she said… 36 more words


Maybe 1 sorry is enough, just to be sure that you’re really tough.

And Maybe You’ve done something to make someone avoid your every things. 70 more words


To the Man of my Prayers

I’ve always wanted to get to know you, to get in touch with you. But more than the miles that separate us, it’s my existence that gets in the way. 320 more words

For Someone

Quotes For Someone

Quote, according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary it is, BORROW- quoting the motifs of past artists.

Here are some quotes to help someone in one way or another. 366 more words


Standing in a vacuum

Trying to breathe

Looking for my salvation

I find my eyes deserted

Without any thought

What was I even doing there… 16 more words



It was a normal night

But moon was big

And shining it’s light

The wind was blowing

With a pleasant speed

And I was walking beside her… 69 more words