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I Don't Remember Who This Is For

There are words I wanna tell ya

things I want to say

but I’m afraid I’ll lose ya,

so silent I will stay.

Even if I win your heart, 153 more words


Our feelings for another can become tainted, diluted or misplaced but there will always be a small place in your heart where they reside.


hospice care

a bugle plays a slow song

in the distance

(for lloyd)


"Just Smile"

More people should understand this: no one is required to smile. Just because you tell someone to smile, it doesn’t mean that they’ll want to or that they ought to. 258 more words


her fingers

nibbled the edges —

a new stack of books

(for alexis)


Every day is a time for “Acts of Kindness“.


piano notes linger

swirl in the air – the teacher

says breathe, beautiful

(for megan)