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College Programming Student: Mag Shift na ba ako? 

Kumuha ka ng kursong Computer Science or I.T pero parang hindi ka ba nag eenjoy? Eh bakit yan ang pinili mo in the first place? Hindi yan tungkol sa computer games or pagbabad sa facebook. 339 more words

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New Nurse Survival Tips

Being a new nurse on the floor can present many terrifying, wonderful and insane experiences (usually all in the same day). Many of the new grads of 2016 have now written their NCLEX, been hired as an RN, and have completed orientation. 690 more words


Encouraging a broad understanding of community engagement

A paper about evaluating community engagement as part of the public health system  (South & Phillips, 2014) recognises the potential for community engagement in health to involve more than simply engaging people in planning and decision making. 729 more words

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Native English speaker = better teacher?

“I want my English teacher to be a native speaker” is a common attitude when people are looking for an English class. But is a native speaker a better English teacher only because they were born in a certain place? 484 more words

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Retelling the story of Rosa Parks and the Montgomery bus boycott (Paul Schmitz)

At the recent Connecting Communities conference, one of the highlights was Paul Schmitz retelling the story of Rosa Parks. Rosa Parks is the woman whose arrest after refusing to give up her seat on a bus to a white man helped spark the Montgomery bus boycott. 209 more words

Working With Communities

1.  Chaturasra jathi dhruva thalam

Angam- 4+2+4+4= 14 aksharams

S R G P      G  R       S  R G R      S R G P

R G P D      P  G       R G P G      R G P D… 353 more words


Jeremiah: Obedience Taught by God

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes feel inadequate. Even though I know that God has big plans for me, and has called me to be a youth/college minister, I sometimes convince myself that I’m not skilled enough, not old enough, not wise enough, not spiritual enough to do any good.  1,307 more words