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The Supreme Court Ruling: Love Wins! Plus Fanaticism

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We apologize for the delay in getting you your weekly blog post. A change in plans concerning the topic took place. Well, this week’s topic was actually supposed to be on the No True Scottsman Fallacy, but we’ve been preempted. 6,128 more words


Unpopular Opinion: Documentaries are Really Cool

I AM A NETFLIX NERD. There, I said it. Not only do I waste hours of my life binge-watching TV shows and crying over characters that are not even real, I also sometimes cry over a 90-minute non-fiction film that most people my age would consider “boring”, “unimportant” or just “not my thing”. 745 more words


For the Bible Tells Me So

There’s a certain fairly conventional style of documentary where even though there is plenty of substance, the style of presentation, the ordering of the material, is impressionistic and meant to appeal as much or more to emotion and aesthetics than to reason. 1,323 more words


My thoughs on "For the Bible tells me so"

For the Bible tells me so, is a documentary about religion and homosexuality, most importantly, homosexuals in religious families, and that are still apart of the church, and what they had to go though. 328 more words

For the Bible Tells Me So

Just saw this documentary. Eye-opening and moving. It documents the stories of Christian families who find out one of their children is gay. It’s called, “For the Bible Tells Me So.” They go from near rejection of their own, to indifference, and some actually come to embrace their child and realize that this is what and who they were meant to be. 213 more words

Documentary: Response to 'For the Bible Tells Me So'

In my class that I took this year, Gender Studies, has been very informative so far and I’ve learned a lot throughout the course. It teaches us about femininity and masculinity. 367 more words

Daniel G. Karslake

For the Bible Tells Me So (2007) Review

If you are homophobic, do not watch. You do not have the wherewithal to get it.

If you are a fundamental Christian who believes homosexuality is a sin because it says so in the Bible, please watch. 127 more words

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