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Things we talked about walking to school: CSI

Dear Ian,

A couple of weeks ago, you asked me about CSI, and if it really existed.

I told you that ‘CSI’ is actually a film show based on the the real thing; Forensic Science. 60 more words

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The Toy Train

“And if this misunderstanding sinks in, it will become a bitter reality for you two when you become adults.”

Dear Boys,

Wayne got a toy train set for his 6th birthday, compliments of your uncle Philbert.

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For The Boys!

What uncle Willem saw

Dear Boys,

I was having my In-Camp-Training and as usual, I managed to hitch a ride from my camp buddy, Willem. This morning, while in his car, he shared with me something he saw while he was walking some time ago. 274 more words

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Your coolest birthday party ever

Dear Wayne,

You have the coolest birthdays, yeah, that’s your bragging rights. As the youngest, we parents are sometimes guilty of the ‘been there, done that’ attitude. 447 more words

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Am I Transgender?

Tips from a US based gender therapist that those early in their journey might find helpful:

These videos specifically refer to male-to-female transition but reverse them and there are some useful tips for female-to-male transitions, too:


Today, today

Dear boys,

Today is a day of catching up with relatives dead and alive.

I remembered lately that I need to go to Kiew Lee Tong ( 805 more words

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"I Can't Cook" And other dumb things guys say...

I once worked with a woman who grew up very very poor and ended up making a lot of money, supporting her family, and working in a business where she had a lot of authority. 412 more words

Cooking Story