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For the Bride: Radical Trust

The church’s perrennial call to repentance is rooted in our belief in God’s willingness and ability to forgive sin. Judgmentalism was, however, eschewed by the early Christians because they believed it was a diminishment of that belief. 275 more words

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For the Bride: The Hypocrisy of Judgment

The early Christians linked judgmentalism and hypocrisy. They did so because they observed that those who became judgmental became increasingly less self-aware. They could fancy themselves as being righteous while pointing out another’s unrighteousness. 166 more words

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10 Stunning Something Blue Lingerie Sets for Your Wedding Day

We have found some utterly gorgeous lingerie sets for your Something Blue. Our favourite is No. 4 by Stella McCartney!
So don’t forget your something blue!  157 more words


For the Bride: Living in a Dungeon

Early Christians believed that being judgmental put them in the lowest level of spirituality, so they went to (what seems to us today) extraordinary means to avoid it. 339 more words

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15 Crucial Tips to Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress

  1. Have an idea of what you want before walking into the bridal store
  2. Begin the process of looking for a dress at least 8 months early…
  3. 165 more words
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For the Bride: Don't Feed the Animals

The title of today’s post is often found at zoos, public parks, and other places where animals are found. The sign could have been placed in the hermit caves and monastic communities of early Christianity. 277 more words

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For the Bride: Non-Judgment

Continuing our exploration of early Christianity, we move from the principle of love to the practice of non-judgment, which is the application of love in situations and toward people who do not seem to deserve it. 309 more words

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