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Another favorite for the ladies! Every girl loves a diamond, and whats better then one diamond? Two diamonds, that’s what! It has 9 backgrounds to go with any outfit. 38 more words


I Keep On Runnin', Keep On Runnin'

Ah starting a new fitness routine from zero; is there anything quite as frustrating as thinking you’re in better shape than you are, and then discovering those first few steps on the treadmill, peddles on the cycle, reps with a free-weight, or push-ups on the mat prove you otherwise? 938 more words


Babies and Bikini Bods

Congratulations mama!

You’ve gone through the toils and turmoil of getting bigger, growing a human larva within you, and a delivery of some sort; time to get that pre-baby bikini body back, right? 1,286 more words


You have to be tough, ladies. Tough as nails (the metal kind).

I have daily curve balls being thrown at me and it all got a little overwhelming and I lost myself in all the chaos. I also lost my voice in the process, while certain voices around me always seem to have a lot to say. 221 more words

Your Pregnancy Is Your Business

As I was writing this post, sitting in my living room, 39 weeks pregnant, wondering if anything and everything I feel could be the start of labor (what about that burp? 1,786 more words

For The Ladies

Non-Violent Sexual Abuse

If something hasn’t happened to you, it may be difficult for you to grasp the concept. Even sometimes if it happens to you, you still may not understand either. 1,225 more words

Overcoming Obstacles

Why Your Daughter May be sending Inappropriate Pictures

I don’t have a teenager. I have only been a parent for 2 years now. I have 0 qualifications when it comes to giving advice to others. 1,719 more words

Overcoming Obstacles