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Happy Mothers Day: My Thoughts About All Women Today

Today is my first Mother’s Day! To me it was time to reflect on the last year and also try to say something that hasn’t already been said by countless moms to possibly convey what being a mom actually is like. 586 more words

My Humble Opinion

A Prayer for My Mother

Born to lose and built to win

All odds stacked against her is how it begins

God bless my mother, the places she’s been

The little girl who hadn’t a selfish thought… 146 more words

Let's Talk

For the Ladies: "Her Brown Body"

 by Kiara Lee

Her brown body – rich in history and in melanin, endowed with girth

Surrounded by infatuation and contemplation, yet still, devoid of worth… 341 more words


Angry black woman. #DemandforChangeNigeria

I am an angry black woman. I am an irritated, frustrated, enraged, infuriated black woman for many reasons on this very bleak day.Why would I be angry? 753 more words

For The Men

For the Ladies: "The Plan"

The Plan

by Danaya

How can I trust the plan when the plan has caused so much pain?

Broken hearts and souls torn apart all in the plans name? 531 more words


For the Ladies: "Being a Woman"

For Women’s History Month, its only right to feature some beautiful words — about the beauty of womanhood.

For the ladies.

Being a Woman.

by Fantasia Alston… 104 more words


For Science: A Study on Suits

The nature of a suit… for women this is the equivalent of lingerie. There are very few things as satisfying as a hot guy in a hot suit… it just works on so many levels. 987 more words

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