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Diversity in Romance - 2nd Titles

Here are the write-ups of Romance second titles received:

Title: For the Love of You

Author: Donna Hill
Main Appeal Factors: Likeable characters
Romance… 1,314 more words


Lifestyle: Good Changes To Consider for 2017

As the year winds down, I search for all things motivational to keep me focused since, like some or maybe most people, I tend to feel a little sad around this time of the year and are reminder or two or three are very much necessary: 8 more words

Inspirational Women Over 40

The Faith Currency

The last few weeks have been nothing short of interesting, too much has been going on. Most of what has been going on has been hurdles that I could do without, but these hurdles visited and they keep hatching other hurdles. 1,037 more words

For The Love Of You

Hurricane Haiti's of Life

Last Sunday, I sat next to a lady who in between the service told me that I should not visit malls this week. She told me that her brother worked in the US Embassy, and had gotten a notification that a terror attack was imminent. 1,180 more words

For The Love Of You

Friendship, What's It All About?

Day 6 – For the Love of You

Friendship, What’s It All About?

It’s official, there’s actually a ‘Friendship Day,’ a special day in the calendar when we can celebrate our friends and our friendships. 845 more words


Our Every Day Tool-Kit!

Day 4 – For the Love of You

Our EveryDay Tool-Kit for Love

With any job or task we need a set of tools, whether that be physical tools – tools of the trade, such as those of a plumber, a bricklayer, a dressmaker, a baker, and so on, or the day to day tools we use for things like cooking, and cleaning, bathing and showering, gardening and all the other tasks that fill our day and our life. 316 more words


Our Inner Spotlight

Day 3 – For the Love of You –

Our Inner Spotlight

So now that we’ve paved the way, let’s introduce a focus on our emotions and our feelings and put ourselves in our own ‘inner spotlight.’ 545 more words

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