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How short term limitations can steal your dream

Over the last few weeks, I have been thinking about how to make some changes to some aspects of the Lapid Leaders Experience. God had given me a vague picture of the end product, but the in between was still very unclear, and so I ended up talking to an uncle for ideas on how to effect this vision. 943 more words

For The Love Of You

Why I left my job to start Lapid Leaders Africa (Part 1)

One of the questions that I am always guaranteed to be asked in any media interview or speaking engagement, is why I chose to leave a ‘high flying’ job to start Lapid Leaders Africa. 910 more words

Founders' Corner

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Finally the before Lapid journey is on paper.....

Why you must pursue a ridiculous dream

Over the last few weeks, God has been challenging my faith! I consider myself a person of faith, I mean who quits a ‘high-flying job’ and starts a venture like… 1,266 more words

For The Love Of You

Love is Hard!

Today we held a training for the Lapid Leaders Council (LLC). LLC is the governing body that the graduates from the 3-month program transition to so as to enlist into our mission to raise an army of the next generation of African Leaders. 1,172 more words

For The Love Of You

Do not let fear hold you back!

Over the last 26 days of 2016, I have been trying to catch up with my bible reading plan for 2015. Yes 2015, I only managed to get through 30% of it, so how I am hoping to catch up in 2016 and still get through the 2016 plan is still a mystery. 1,075 more words

For The Love Of You

Significant Songs (106)

For The Love Of You

As soon I heard the opening line, ‘Drifting on a memory, ain’t no place I’d rather be, than with you’ I knew that this was a song that I was going to love. 234 more words

Nostalgia And Reflections

Being normal is overrated

Every so often I have this horror of a dream; I am back to Primary School, everyone has joined girls and boys scout except yours faithfully! 1,137 more words

For The Love Of You