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Today we are saddened to report a casualty to vandalism.

We mourn tree 59, a Cox Orange Pippin apple located in Elthorne Waterside Centre, and lament the mindless actions of some persons who enjoyed this particularly beautiful nature spot, yet had nothing better to do than remove the stake, snap the tree off at the crafting joint and scatter the unripe fruit of tree 59. 80 more words

Public Orchards

Our summer plans and what they mean for you

It’s been a busy few months and the project is beginning to gather momentum. We’ve all been beavering away, mostly behind the scenes, to prepare for the planned building work at Gloucestershire Archives’ Alvin Street site. 365 more words

Behind The Scenes

Not My Dream

It’s amazing what it takes for my brain to realize I’ve lost someone. It took your breath smelling like somebody else. Rotten, like unbrushed teeth and bad body. 125 more words


The Piggeries Orchard

You will heave heard of our efforts to convert an area of land behind Saddleback Lane, known as The Piggeries, into a community orchard and wildlife garden. 127 more words


The Lion, The Witch & The Hobbit

Hotel Staff 9 –

Sometimes I wonder at what drives people to make the decisions they make. What makes people do things that are not ordinary? 1,836 more words

For The Record

Awaiting Awesom Awards

The inspector was here!

We entered the orchard trail project with the apple orchard at Blackberry Corner as a focal point into this year’s London in Bloom… 108 more words

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The Anti-Pokemon Propaganda

It has been a very long time since I could comfortably say – “I trust the media”…. I would say it ended for me sometime around when Bush wanted to invade Iran and the Tea party movement was born…. 444 more words