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Restart a Roku via bash


“How to reboot or factory-reset 1761 internet-facing Roku devices with a few curl commands.”

** UPDATE 3 – Some pretty rad research by John Matherly… 667 more words


Why I call blog posts 'Articles'

I just want to put this out there to explain my position for calling everything I blog an ‘Article’. I also have the habit of calling other blog posts article’s to. 688 more words


Persistent/Stored XSS in Dradis Framework 3.0.0

* Update 7/20/2015 – Daniel Martin (https://twitter.com/etdsoft) was super-quick to respond with a patch, and the upcoming Dradis 3.0.0 RC3 release includes a fix for this.* 335 more words



I am actually very excited NASA has finally got a picture of Pluto. A real picture, and look Pluto has a huge heart.

I don’t care what anyone says Pluto is a planet, not a dwarf planet. 200 more words


We visit Armageddon Expo!

Amber & Hadyn headed down to Wellington’s Armageddon Expo! today and interviewed people at the event. There was some amazing costumes, check it out!


Economic update - Gerry Adam’s was correct in 2011 hard-line stance to the IMF with the aim of getting a better deal

Gerry Adam’s hard-line stance to the IMF can be justified in the context of the terrible deal which Ireland received on it’s debt.

A government that was spooked and stampeded by the small-time bullies of the Irish banks was never going to be able to stand up to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the European Central Bank (ECB). 901 more words

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