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The AMX 38

For the Record has provided a translation of the live journal page of tank researcher Yuri Pasholok describing the French AMX 38 tank.  The AMX 38 was essentially a footnote in the story of French pre-war tank design, never getting past the prototype stage.   103 more words

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two lectures on evaluation of search systems

This year I again gave two lectures on evaluation of search systems in the class on Search Engines and Information Retrieval Systems at KTH. Slides are… 7 more words

For The Record

Beware of Americans Online

As an American citizen there is something I have noticed with foreigners (Europe, Asia, aulstralia etc)- a small cultural difference you guys over seas should keep in mind, but don’t seem to rightly understand about us. 1,143 more words


Out with the Joneses

We took a family trip to have frozen yogurt last night. This is the same yogurt place that has a giant chalkboard along one wall, and there’s only one thing to do when we go: Make Silly Speech Bubbles. 207 more words


BaseRot - A Message Obscuration Method and Tool

 _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _______
 | __  |  _  |   __|   __| __  |     |_   _|
 | __ -|     |__   |   __|    -|  |  | | |
 |_____|__|__|_____|_____|__|__|_____| |_| V.1.2
… 343 more words

For The Record

It was a number of years ago that the book you see pictured here on the right caught my eye. I was wandering around a bookstore, as book-lovers do, seeing what there was to see (and possibly buy). 1,247 more words


Valentine IX Trails in the USSR

For the Record has an interesting post translating information on the Valentine infantry tank in Soviet service provided by Russian researcher Yuri Pasholok.  The post relates the results of Soviet testing at Kubinka in March of 1943 of a Valentine IX tank.   71 more words

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