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Tattooed Universe

Over the last few years I think it would be ludicrous to suggest that tattoos haven’t surged their way to popularity amongst the masses. The meme of teenagers growing old to be the first generation of entirely tattooed grandparents doesn’t sound that preposterous. 704 more words

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Dear Snapchat

This September I joined University to proceed with the next chapter of my life. Prior to starting University I was told of satirical tales and warned of having to adjust to the dramatic changes of living at University. 778 more words

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Why is 'Youtube Complaints 2014' so funny?

Now some people may see this as a really funny video because, well, it is. However, the ideas that the humour stems from stands on very realistic grounds that also raise very current debates about the world of online interaction and digital media. 406 more words


Back in Paris

So, I’m finally back in Paris after a few months away. Being here again for almost an entire year straight in 2013/4 wore me out, if I’m really honest. 150 more words

Falling Off Bicycles


“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”
~ L.M. Montgomery

Falling Off Bicycles

Why are you praising the plus-size? - LFW

At this year’s London Fashion Week (LFW), plus size took centre stage with it’s own catwalk and weekend dedicated to real beauty.

Understandably, fashion wants to promote a ‘healthy’ figure and more realistic image for young women every where, but I still don’t think this is being represented. 170 more words

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