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Thankful Thursdays - The Challenge

I may have written about this before, but I’m not even going to bother going back to look to check because today’s selection is something that I am thankful for every single day: the challenge that life among different countries and cultures presents. 253 more words

Falling Off Bicycles

Netball for Adults

I have recently started attending a ‘Back to Netball’ session at Hengrove Leisure Park in Bristol on Thursday nights. It hasn’t had much promotion and I think it needs it because the coach is great and it’s so much fun! 58 more words

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Thinking For Yourself

“It’s the same advice I give my teenage kids. Grades aren’t everything. Learning is for the joy of learning; it’s not for the certificate. You have to set your own agenda.

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I love words, especially beautiful words, and I’m always looking for them in all sorts of places. Usually they’re words of someone famous, or quotes from conversations, but sometimes they’re in books. 444 more words

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10 signs she's totally the wrong woman for you

Romantic relationships can be wonderful with the right person; however, a relationship with the wrong individual can lead to years of heartache, emotional damage and even physical damage. 623 more words

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Yar'adua, Nigeria democratically elected president

Yar’adua , Nigeria’s fourth democratically elected president. Yar’adua, Nigeria’s most unassuming president. Yar’adua, Nigeria’s most frail president. Yar’adua, Nigeria’s most educated president. Yar’adua, Nigeria’s only president with leftist ideology. 1,100 more words

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Remember the Nigeria vs India match we use to hear about when are kids? Here are the truth about it

Virtually everybody born before the invention of the internet must have heard the tale of a nonexistent football match between Nigeria and India that obviously took place in a parallel universe and somehow we got to hear the gory stories of that match. 887 more words

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