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I always tell people, one of the greatest problems in life is the inability of a man to sit quietly in a room alone. People will always try to make you seen like being alone is an unhealthy virus that you should stay away from, but let me explain something to you, being alone is one of the greatest asset you will ever have. 167 more words


L’Artisan Parfumeur

Creating a perfume is an art. Each perfume is different in so many ways, and there are no two that can be exactly alike. When asked how she came up with her new perfume, Gabrielle Chanel said that she talked about her ideas with a perfumer who then came up with a bunch of different versions that suited her vision. 614 more words

Fragrance & Perfume

12 Signs That You're A Controlling Girlfriend

Yes, men are not the only ones who can get controlling in a relationship, but no matter who it is that’s being controlling, I guarantee, the one being controlled will not stay happy for long. 909 more words


6 Ways To Show Your Boyfriend That You Trust Him

Trust can be a difficult thing to overcome in a relationship, but if you have any intentions of having a long lasting and happy relationship, then trust is key. 883 more words


Just Because He Won't Let You Go Doesn't Mean He Wants You

There is nothing as frustrating as receiving mixed signals from person we have deep feelings for.

You know,when you don’t know where you stand with someone you really care about. 576 more words