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Michael Kors

My watchword is cheap and beautiful, but this time I couldn’t resist this Michael Kors collection and I took a picture, I did stay there a couple minutes, only admiring those amazing pink bags, I was so attempted to buy, but fortunately I came to my right senses on time and I left ( my husband is extremely happy for that haha). 28 more words

Kenzo's Parfum d'Été (1992)

Kenzo’s Parfum d’Été (Scent of Summer) comes in a leaf-shaped bottle that I think looked so tacky in the 90s is now finely-aged, uber-tacky, and its big bottle cap made out of 500 pounds of non-recyclable plastic is so ridiculously big and awkwardly shaped that it could be used as a lifeboat when the flood hits my city. 366 more words


Une défense non légale…

Un coup, une blessure, une souffrance causée par un simple acte irréfléchi, tout cela n’est que de la violence. Un acte de crime qui se traduit par l’utilisation intentionnelle de la force, du pouvoir que ça soit physique ou psychologique pour une auto-défense de soi-même. 340 more words

For Women

One day in Brussels

I Started my day with the perfect breakfest in a le Pain Quotidien – Sablon Bakeries. If you are in this city you have to drink a coffee before you want to begin your day! 88 more words

For Women