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Raising babies...

RAISING BABIES leaves me feeling QUACK QUACKERS ;) wink wink

Me: HERB how we gonna raise all these babies
HERB:  Woman that’s your job!

Art By MichelleMarie

You are still the Queen of Hearts...

You are still the 
Queen of Hearts
Sometimes you have to adjust
your crown & move on


Baby there is no trying to unlove...

Baby there is no trying to unlove,
untie, this mess you got your heart into
I know with all my heart and soul
Once you love someone there is no way to  56 more words

Art By MichelleMarie

Peace and war start within one's own home

The part that got me about this one was the last part, “Peace and war start within one’s own home.” Instead of trying to save the world I thought maybe I ought to make peace at home. 64 more words

Art By MichelleMarie

Love each other...

Oh sometimes this one is very hard when you just want that loved one to get it! Kindness seems to reach parts of the heart hidden away and protected. 61 more words

Art By MichelleMarie

Honesty and transparency...

Honesty and transparency
make you vulnerable
Be honest and
transparent anyway
Mother Teresa

Art By MichelleMarie

You Are

You are not what they think

You are not what they hear

You are not what they say

You are what you are

You are here