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Skrattar bäst som skrattar sist

Era d-a ungdomar. Ni gör förtal och begår brott. Hade ni varit straffmyndiga hade ni förtjänat att polisanmälas. Tur någon valde att tala sanning. Jag har inget förtroende längre för Sveriges ungdomar. 81 more words


Keep on Sowing

We are called to be witnesses for Jesus Christ and we must never become weary. Never think that our testimony has no effect. The devil will tell you that people are not listening, that they do not take you seriously, but we just have to sow the seed, Jesus makes it grow. 127 more words

Best Friend For Hire, Entry 313

By the time the sun was rising, Alma had given me the basic tour of her home, though I was certain a great number of hidden passages were left out. 2,156 more words

13 travel products that'll make heading home for the holidays as painless as possible

The holidays are just around the corner and while we couldn’t be more excited for a break, the idea of making the long haul back home to spend just a little too much time with family isn’t always appealing. 307 more words


#575: The Beach Boys - I Just Wasn't Made for These Times

You won’t find a lot of Beach Boys on my playlist. I have written a post about two of their songs before; those that I’ve yet to come to can all be listened to on the album… 329 more words


Dj Sixth Sense Does The #ForThe Challenge 11-16-17

Dj Sixth Sense Does The #ForThe Challenge 11-16-17

If you missed it, I did the #forthe challenge. But I had to make it apply to me by changing it to #forthedj challenge. 30 more words


Cover Artiste du Blender 9: GOSPEL FOR TRAMP I Japon

GOSPEL FOR TRAMPS est un passionné de dessin et de manga. Après une enfance passée à dessiner dès qu’il en avait la possibilité, il découvre la culture hip-hop et le graffiti. 125 more words