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Wild Garlic, Lemon & Ricotta Toast - A healthy St Patrick's Day recipe

This week I am supposed to be head down with my laptop, working on a special project. It is at my own behest, but I was determined to be disciplined about it: “out-of-office” for my emails, alarm set for 6.30, green smoothie to fortify & fill, and then… 983 more words


Summer in Assynt 2012

The last year I owned a car, (lawd knows how I managed THAT!) we took our second summer in Scotland, We both wanted to to get North, proper North, so decided to go for Assynt and top it off with a few days at the top of Sutherland. 1,021 more words

Baked Pumpkin Seeds

This is such an easy snack to make! It’s healthy and tasty too! Where I’m from, pumpkins are very easy to grow. I throw a few pumpkin seeds in my yard and the next year I have a pumpkin patch. 281 more words



Nettle is my favourite of our cordials. It’s pretty pink colour and wonderfully refreshing taste will quench the thirstiest among you.  I prefer to drink the cordial in a long glass, mixed with sparkling water and ice.  458 more words


Packed with vitamin C, you’ll feel better as soon as you drink this wholesome cordial made from wild rosehips. Like our blackberry cordial, I prefer to combine our rosehip syrup with boiling water to create a comforting drink that makes you feel virtuous just drinking it. 604 more words


The quintessential flavour of an English summer.  Elderflower cordial always reminds me of happy days spent with my children collecting flowers, slicing lemons and stirring batches of this wonderfully scented syrup.  364 more words

Beach Plums for Beach-Bums

‘I’ve seen these weird vegetables and these weird fruits in the supermarket sometimes – just strange – and then they disappear, and I never see them again!   399 more words