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...You Lose Some

While Mr. Fairweather and his brother were getting ready to take some trees down, Little Paddler and I were combing the ditches along the field for blackberries. 451 more words


Turkey and Puffball and Lamb's Quarters Soup

I prefer this soup as a starter when entertaining, so this is a really simple recipe that lets the flavours of each standout ingredient…well…stand out.  Amp it up with some carrots and other veg to serve as a meal. 163 more words


THE PLANTHUNTER | Foraged Popsicles and a Wild Food Challenge

What’s it like to compete in the Local Wild Food Challenge? For starters, the Italian edition of this foraging-cooking competition was held in a countryside castle. 26 more words


Staghorn Sumac - A Weed You Can Eat

Before I begin telling you about the wonderful things you can do with the staghorn sumac let me be clear; there is a poisonous sumac but this is not the variety I’m suggesting you eat. 718 more words


Foraged, Bought, Grown

Cooking when on holiday is a little strange. This is exacerbated when I am cooking for one and when I am cooking while in the middle of writing. 319 more words


Tricolour Toast.

I get ridiculously excited by a bit of free food. It’s not just the obvious value for no money, it’s the incredible kick I get from finding sustenance in the wild. 333 more words



Native is a tiny new restaurant in Covent Garden focusing on game and foraged foods.  I admit to being a bit skeptical about this type of cuisine.   38 more words