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Improving livestock production and productivity: the potential of Napier grass

For better livestock production and productivity, it is essential to assess the genetic diversity of the food which is fed to livestock. One of the main food sources for livestock in East Africa is Napier grass. 107 more words

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Selecting forages for the Tropics with the SoFT tool

More than the 70% of the total area of agricultural land in developing countries is used for livestock feeding. Worldwide, there are 3.4 billion hectares of grazing land, representing more than a quarter of world land use. 115 more words

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Forage seed systems in Kenya - status update

A new working paper from CIAT report focuses on the current state of forage seed systems in Kenya under both formal and informal sectors and seeks to provide useful information for farmers and development actors looking or likely to engage in tropical forage seeds, especially in Kenya. 160 more words

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Finding niches for legumes in smallholder farming systems

Followers of the N2Africa project (in which ILRI leads work in Ethiopia) do not need convincing about the benefits of legumes to smallholders.

However, legumes mean different things to different people. 400 more words

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Brachiaria grass significantly increases livestock productivity in East Africa

Forages are the most important feed resources constituting up to one hundred percent of daily diets of livestock in East Africa. Shortage of forages both in quality and quantity especially during the dry seasons is major reason for the lowest livestock productivity in the region. 107 more words

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