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Dirty Diamonds

They lurk on the fringes of civilization, just beyond the beaten trail, breeding and multiplying rapidly under the cover of darkness. Few take notice of their growing forces, and those who do rarely understand the implications. 873 more words


Sourdough and Mushrooms!

Its been an exciting week – our seeds have arrived for this seasons growing!! I am also off work this weekend so will have time to plan out where we’re going to plant everything. 406 more words


After Blue Monday – Grey Tuesday?

It’s already 17th January. The dog is pacing for her second walk of the day, and I know it will be dark in less than two hours. 210 more words


Jeju Island's Haenyo: A User's Manual, the diver who heard music underwater

I had a beautiful experience once, one night drinking wine on a coastal boardwalk, in a village just outside of the city.

It was mid-summer.  I think in those days I was inviting whoever I could to come out where I lived to share some wine and conversation. 1,053 more words

Jeju Island

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2nd post in Joey Rositano's series on the Haenyo, woman divers native to Jeju Island. this series is not to be missed by anyone with a fascination for native religions, anthropology & culture. Joey knows his stuff, he has been researching on Jeju religious practice for about 5 years or so has published a book of photography called Spirits & is in the process of making a documentary on the topic of Jeju shamanism.

Sea Shore Foraging for Razor Clams.

A strange alien like creature lurking under the ocean sand that’s fun to hunt and yummy to eat! 463 more words

Cycle Touring

Foraging has arrived

I do love the arrival of boxes of advance copies of book, and they are coming thick and fast this month. Last week, With Paper For Feet… 97 more words