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Summer Plunder

Welcome to the first official day of Autumn.

Governmental acts of mass laziness aside (is it because they assume we wouldn’t be able to remember seasons change on the 21st of the month?), the garden and the wild larder have kicked into overdrive. 256 more words


Plants can’t get much more unique than the ginkgo tree

Some botanists call them living fossils. Ginkgo biloba is the only species remaining from a Division of plants that went extinct thousands of years ago. It is one of the most primitive plants still in existence, but it thrives in urban environments. 485 more words


Mincemeat is an old time favorite that has evolved over time

When I was a kid my mom made mincemeat every fall during productive deer seasons. She used neck meat, which is gelatinous and full of gristle. 561 more words


Everywhere but home

Last week was half term week here so we’ve been racing around the country.
First up was some time in Somerset where we helped my parents manage some of their land – felling diseased trees and chopping back hedgerows. 833 more words

Natural Dyeing

Sweetbriar Rose Hips

All rose hips are edible. When I started taking up foraging, I grew to love simple and blanketing rules like those. All grasses are edible. Never eat what’s growing on dead wood. 276 more words

Where to start with frugal living? Make wine of course! Elderberry Wine cost 87c per liter.

The cool of the morning whispers to me that the seasons are changing.  I love when summer slips into Autumn.  There is something romantic about the changing colours, something refreshing about the long missed rains and something glutinous about the bounty of harvest.   718 more words


Kelp & Kumbhaka

I love the coast in Winter. The stark light, elemental weather and the bleak beauty of a desolate, open beach.

During these colder months we get some epic high and low tides, often accompanied by huge waves and thrashing winds, which move beach and sand,  carving away banks and edges, bringing in flotsam and jetsam, changing the landscape. 585 more words