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wild cherries and a raspberry sorbet for breakfast.....

I don’t want to grumble about the weather, it’s sunshiny and warm, and it’s lovely not to be all cooped up indoors out of the rain…however, it’s somewhat more than pleasantly warm and in true English weather form has gone from still pippy in the evenings to “phew what a scorcher” almost overnight……the last couple of days has seen me slowly melting, looking all pink cheeked and frazzled by mid morning….. 651 more words

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Cherry picking on the green

Some thirty people aging from 9 months to about 80 years old, and covering many nationalities (Chinese, Portuguese, American… ) met on Turnham Green to share this year’s generous cherry harvest. 69 more words

Four Thieves Vinegar

Many legends spring forth from medieval Europe especially from around the time of the Black Death. One of the best, but not well known concerns four (or sometimes 7) ne’er-do-wells of indiscriminate origins. 525 more words


Crab Apple Jelly Recipe

The season of mists and mellow fruitfulness isn’t far away so collect jars now to have to hand and forage to make the most delicious jars of jams and jellies to get through the next year.  594 more words


Pizza? What, again?

We have 16 people coming to make pizza tonight, using the outside oven. Personally I can’t understand the need to regress by a century and feed pizza into a space full of ash and flame when we have perfectly good clean controllable electric ovens. 276 more words

Care Farm

Gooseberry Wildcraft

California gooseberry illustration from Pacific Rural Press (1873).

“The California wild gooseberry, red variety (Ribes menziesii), is certainly a desirable variety, and is said to be superior to crabapples for jellies, etc.

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Black Trumpet Mushrooms (Craterellus fallax) And Vitamin B12

Plenty of rain = plenty of mushrooms. All kinds of mushrooms, too… including these black trumpets (Craterellus fallax), appearing now in Western Pennsylvania. 224 more words