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Dig dandelions for a scrumptious roasted brew

The definition of a weed is an unwanted plant competing with other, more desired plants such as vegetables, flowers or grass. But what if you could turn it into something useful (and tasty)? 944 more words


Ten Essentials for Foraging

I have been asked many times what I would recommend for an absolute beginner to the world of foraging. It may seem an easy task but in the spirit of attempting to do my best for those who are about to embark on a more frugal lifestyle, I hesitate to recommend items that may in themselves cost money that would be better spent elsewhere. 250 more words

Food For Free

PSA: go outside: it's foraging season

…At least in California. This week’s installment of Kiss the Ground focusses on wild edible foods and contains a gorgeous info graphic on finding and using some of our favorite weeds. See below!

Thistle Soup Recipe

This Thistle Soup Recipe is made using edible food from the wild.

Make thistle soup by chopping (scissoring would be a better word since an old pair of shears is the best thing I’ve found for cutting up green plants) a pan of thistles. 360 more words


Foraged Three Cornered Leek Recipe.

Three-cornered leek, also know as three-cornered garlic, is quite abundant along the roadside where I live in North Sligo, Ireland.  The plant is originally of Mediterranean origin and was brought to Ireland about 300 years  ago. 295 more words


We don't let Doris get in our way

Well, we try not to anyway, what’s a storm when you have books to launch? Our audience was a little diminished for the launch of… 106 more words


Featured Flora - Wild Garlic, Wild Onions and "Garlicky-Onion" Ramps

It is the end of February, and unseasonably warm temperatures have begun to “ramp up” plant growth in Western Pennsylvania. Two of the first edible plants to show themselves in early spring are the wild garlic plant (Allium vineale) and the wild onion plant (Allium canadense). 559 more words