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Mushrooms of the Redwood Coast

Late in May, or early June, is morel season in the mountains near my home.  If you’ve never had morel mushrooms, you are missing out.  They are delicious and cost about $20 a pound at Pike Place Market in Seattle, so they aren’t cheap.  361 more words

Book Review

Another weedy day...

Goldenrod-Solidago canadensis-is a mid summer weed in my part of the world.They liven up the landscape as other plants start to dull.The weed has wide distribution in the U.S.-namely in the Northeast.In this pic it is well over 5′ tall and has 125 other members of it’s species.It is a perennial plant found in meadows,prairies,roadsides,trails.It is pollinated by insects and spreads by tiny seeds with hairy parachutes and root stalks.The plant can be utilized to make tea-bitter- and the flowers can be eaten with your salad.All in a days work. 228 more words


Ever Changing Seasons

By Sean Wrest (Chef De partie at The Black Swan Oldstead)

For me, The Black Swan is completely unique. A restaurant situated in the village of Oldstead, with around 10 houses and a long windy road (I’m convinced it even has its own climate!) It relies heavily on its two- acre garden and the natural elements that surround it. 885 more words


Natural Confetti

We wanted to have as much nature as possible in our wedding and really didn’t fancy metallic shiny confetti or even paper. We wanted it to be real petals and initially I was going to buy petals from the local florist. 183 more words


Nettle tingling fingers and blackberry junkets....

It’s been really hot and sticky feeling here the last few days, a bit too hot for me really and I’ve not wanted to do much of anything….however as I’d started noticing some fat and shiny blackberries about when I’d headed down to the shops we decided it was time to start gathering something to put down for the pantry.   941 more words


A bit of a pickle

I made it just in time.  A couple of days ago the nasturtiums were in full bloom, a wave of yellow, orange and red across the courtyard.  259 more words


Beth's blog: Fig Apple and Lavender tart

I love foraging, going out in the wilderness collecting things that you can later bake into things or jam, is a very satisfying thing for me. 349 more words

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