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Useful vines

Vining plants are a useful commodity and gift from nature. They can be utilized for several different projects, from making wreaths and other artful decorations to more utilitarian uses such as making cordage for rope or even weaving them into bowls and containers for carrying and storage. 286 more words


Comfrey is a plant of many misconceptions

Pick up any book on poisonous plants and comfrey will be in it. It is an old-time herb that has been used for centuries for various things. 496 more words


The Slow Sweet Season

I can say with absolute certainty that I’ve never appreciated springtime more than this moment. In this blog I’ve written about snow melting and ice thawing, and the world coming back to life. 518 more words

Earth Day Is Over

Earth Day is over, guys. Back to poisoning the ground in the name of progress! After all, these agricultural monocultures won’t grow by themselves.

In other news, all the wild edibles buffering my yard and the farmer’s field just became strictly off limits. 10 more words


Growing Deeper Roots... Literally

Spring has (finally) arrived to our nine acre forest and, for heaven’s sake, we’re so glad!! Winter felt like it would never leave us but now, when we walk through our property no two walks are the same. 1,131 more words


Knotty Food, Week Ending 4/21/2019

Last Japanese knotweed post, promise! At least for this year. The knotweed has mostly grown to the stage where it is too mature to eat. I may be able to get one more harvest; we’ll see. 381 more words


Wild garlic

As this bank holiday weekend has been so hot, I decided to spend my break walking in the woods along the coastal path. In spring time the woods of Cornwall are filled with hundreds of deep green leafed plants giving off a garlicky scent. 552 more words