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Abispa Mud Wasp

Abispa sp. mud wasps can look scary (this one is quite large at 25-30mm) but all she wants to do is collect caterpillars to provide food for her offspring. 91 more words


Man Who Forages In San Francisco Bay Carries Lemon Wedge To Snack On Raw Shellfish

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — Kirk Lombard walks the walk. The guy who says we should be eating more of the small fishes that live in San Francisco Bay carries a lemon in his pocket when he goes fishing, just so he can snack on raw shellfish. 136 more words


Fortune cookies and lobster pots 

Not only did we have fun last night celebrating Chinese New Year with fortune cookies and quizzes but when we got home our housemate had a new year gift for us, a lobster pot! 49 more words


Many wild and commercial foods require processing - Have patience

I’ve always said that success is sweeter when you’ve had to work for it. The same is true with food. Convenience foods just can’t match the culinary quality of vittles produced with tender loving care. 511 more words


A productive garden depends on healthy soil

Winter is not a typical time to think about gardening. Usually the only thoughts involve ordering seeds for the upcoming season.  However, soil often can benefit from winter care. 531 more words


Nature Hobbies: Identifying Berries in the Forest

I live in northern Minnesota, surrounded by trees, lakes, and wildlife. I love it here. So many things to see and places to explore. Right now, the seasons are stuck between winter’s thaw and a shiver-inspiring, icy-white wonderland. 373 more words


First Fruit

The bushes next to the apartment have started putting out fruit– Silverberries! They’re tasty. :3 And yeah, so far as I can tell the landscaping people, if you can call them that, don’t spray anything. 357 more words