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Wild Leeks: A Springtime Delicacy

By G. Chambers, SFBCA Vice Chairman

Spring brings with it two of my favourite seasons : trout season and Wild Leek season.

Like most things in the Scarborough Fly and Bait Casting Association, the elusive Wild Leek was introduced to me by our President, Gord Deval. 838 more words


Terrific Tip Tuesdays!

Welcome to our first “Terrific Tip Tuesday!” we’re hoping to post new tips every Tuesday that relate to homesteading, foraging and more!

Today’s tip comes from L’s pal Sonia – she owns… 353 more words

Wild flowers

Edible flowers​

To eat or not to eat?? Pretty garnish or dish component??

Well for me as a child of rural Ireland eating flowers was something that was never done, even now the mention of eating flowers brings strange looks to some people’s faces. 274 more words

Wild Food

Common ag weed...

Field pennycress-Thlaspi arvense-(cabbage family)is also known as stink weed(ya it does stink),fan weed,and french weed.The weed is considered either a winter or summer annuals that can grow up to .9m(3′) in fertile soil but most likely less than .6m(2′).The leaves are toothed with pointed leaves and the small white flowers are in clusters.The flowers can produce 20,000 seeds per plant. 137 more words


Wild Garlic & Nettle Soup

One of my goals after moving back to the Lake District is to make full use of its natural larder and expand my foraging knowledge. Spring is in full swing, and this year I’ve been searching high and low to find wild garlic. 470 more words


Plant of the Week #9: Caragana arborescens

This is one of those cases where pretty much all of us have taken at least a passing glimpse at a Siberian pea-tree, also known as Siberian pea-shrub or simply Caragana ( 1,391 more words