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The Most Powerful Personality Trait You May Never Have Heard Of

The flashier personality traits—narcissism, neuroticism and extraversion—get a lot of attention in the popular literature. But there’s a quieter trait that may be even more powerful: … 679 more words


Amgen Drug Prevents Heart Attacks, Not Deaths, Disappointing Experts

But the results fall below what doctors and patients had hoped for the drug, and set the stage for an intensified battle over Repatha’s $14,523-a-year list price, several times what the most expensive branded statins cost before they went generic. 1,999 more words


Happy March Madness !

This is when I start paying attention to college basketball, because I like to bet and I’m sure there are a bunch of office pools being played, those studying up on their college hoops knowledge, fill out their bracket, pay $5 to the man or woman and let er rip! 123 more words


Macau casinos soar on strong VIP play

Aided by Chinese New Year crowds, February was Macau casinos’ best month in two years. Despite the much-discussed pivot toward mass tourism, VIP play is again leading revenue growth, though some doubt the trend’s sustainability. 69 more words

Transportation changes alone won't move Macau

Multi-billion dollar transportation improvements aren’t enough to reshape Macau. The casino capital needs policy changes, too, to shift direction.

Totally globalized native New Yorker and former broadcast news producer Muhammad Cohen is a… 55 more words

‘Barefoot Doctor’ turns Saipan casino billionaire

In a journey from China’s countryside to an American speck in the middle of the Pacific, Cui Lijie has become a billionaire as majority owner of… 82 more words