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South Korea casino scene heats up

Incheon, site of South Korea’s gateway international airport, and resort island Jeju are the scenes of an escalating competition for new gaming licenses among foreign billionaires and national champions to cash in on Chinese tourist growth, plus a Philippine wave seeking to lure Korean customers to Manila casinos. 62 more words

Forbes Magazine Cites Cleveland As A "Great Urban Escape"

When I saw the headline of this article, my immediate thought was, “welp, it’s gotta be because the Cavs are doing so well…”

Lo and behold, one of the reasons the author gives to “escape to Cleveland” is Lebron.   107 more words


Morgan Stanley picks global gaming winners

A new report from investment bank Morgan Stanley picks five global gaming stocks as winners. The report uses Morgan Stanley’s global reach to examine key issues facing the casino business in risky times. 62 more words

‘New normal’ drops Macau March revenue 39%

Analysts say Macau has found a new normal that’s limiting gaming revenue. March registered the tenth consecutive monthly revenue decline, though some insiders see some signs of potential recovery. 62 more words

5 Steps of Compartmentalization: The Secret Behind Successful Entrepreneurs

Source: Forbes.com (Ryan Blair)

As a young entrepreneur I often get asked this question: “How do you deal with ____________ (insert word here: pressure, people, balance, challenges, family, etc)?”

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Lee Kuan Yew lacked faith in Singapore

Singapore’s founding father Lee Kuan Yew needed to trust the nation he so carefully built. In its early days, Singapore needed a firm guiding hand but Lee never accepted there would a time to abandon the nanny state. 62 more words