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Beijing - China

We arrived at Peking Yard Hostel, this place is gorgeous! There was a chilled atmosphere with people eating and playing pool. This was by far the nicest hostel we have stayed in. 1,179 more words

A foreigner in the park

I made it to the summit of Coal Hill, overlooking the Forbidden City. It was a rough jog in the rain, but it was pleasant, nonetheless. 310 more words


China: Beijing, Rooftop Bars, Cute Hostels and Forbidden Cities

Of course we had to visit Beijing, the capital city of this huge country we had spend the best part of a year in.

At this point there were only three of the initial six left that had left the UK as a group to work in a school affiliated to ours and so since two out of us three had never seen Beijing we decided to go there for our last holiday in China. 441 more words

The very beautiful country: China, part 3

We had one more thing to do in Beijing before we could leave. We went to the Forbidden City; a huuuuuuge temple for China’s emperors. My godness it’s big. 1,091 more words


Beijing - Forbidden City

Forbidden City, Beijing, 2013
do you know Beijing?
it has been the capital of China since Ming dynasty
that’s why you can find the Forbidden City… 60 more words

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The Forbidden City

Was just incredible. The queue to get in though Jesus it was hectic, but once we were in, wow.

We had been down to explore the breakfast that came with our rooms in the hotel, that was an experience. 554 more words


The Forbidden City : rise of an empire

One of the largest palatial structure in the world, The Forbidden City is definitely a reflection to China’s past grandeur once home to Ming and Qing dynastic Emperors since it’s first creation in the 15th century. 413 more words