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Snap shots from Beijing

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2012 was the year when I knew I wanted to spend Christmas having snow fights instead of getting roasted on Cottesloe beach. 1,376 more words


Not your Grandmother's China

Hesitantly, I agreed to visit Beijing for a second time. I’d previously seen the sights, walked the Wall, and sampled the fare. Frankly, I wasn’t sure it was worth a return trip. 1,651 more words


Fashionable Quote of the Week

The government ordered a 15 percent reduction in the allotment of yardage to be used for women’s and girls’ apparel. Dolman and leg-of-mutton sleeves became no-nos, as did tucks, pleats, plackets, hoods, and belts wider than two inches. 143 more words


China with Sam - Beijing, The Wall, Shanghai, Guilin & Chengdu

18th – 30th April 2016

For the next two weeks my brother Sam came to visit me in China. I hadn’t seen him for 6 months! 1,512 more words

Tales from China

I just spent five days in China, Earth’s most populous country just ahead of India. Combined, they represent one third of mankind! Yes, five days. It is not much indeed, as China represents the third largest country in surface as well. 797 more words


Beijing and The Great Wall 

Beijing is the capital of China, but it’s not the largest city. That may seem surprising given the population of over 25 million people and considering the never ending traffic congestion. 1,610 more words


3 Day Beication

Living abroad can be tough.  You don’t always get to enjoy the same comforts as home.  However, there will always be one thing that brings you comfort no matter where you are or what you are doing.   990 more words