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Pressure Cooking Black Rice

Black rice (also known as forbidden rice) has come into vogue lately, and for good reason. It has a nice nutty flavor, a toothsome but tender texture, and it’s packed with nutrients. 115 more words


Black rice kheer / How to make black rice pudding / Chak-Hao Kheer 

Black Rice Kheer is one of my favourite pudding and I am super excited to share the recipe here today. Black Rice Kheer is one of the healthiest dessert. 440 more words


Black rice chicken risotto /How to make black rice risotto / Black rice risotto recipe 

Black is beautiful, isn’t it? Who all agrees with me? It’s a big yes from me and I am in love with this beauty. Today I am sharing a recipe Black Rice Chicken Risotto which is a very healthy dish and is easy to make and taste divine. 395 more words


Curried Cauliflower on Forbidden Rice

The first official snow day of the season yesterday brought us the most beautiful snow – powdery dry, glittering like on kitschy Christmas cards, and unmarred by any tracks in the early morning. 390 more words

Allergen Free

Forbidden Rice and Greens; Soba Rolls and Unagi; Stewed Pork, Eggplant, and Okra; Roasted Curried Kabocha and Cauliflower (June 25, 2017)

This week was busy and I traveled to share meals with friends yesterday which is always rejuvenating.  Thus as I walked through the grocery store today, I put together this meal with self-sustenance in mind.   345 more words


Forbidden Stir Fry

This beautiful and delicious stir-fry is quick and easy, coming together in the time it takes your rice to cook!  It’s forbidden because of the rice ;) … but you can choose any rice you have on hand.   286 more words


3 simple benefits of Black rice.

Forbidden Rice as it once was in China where Royal family kept it reserved for themselves only as they thought that it would increase their lifetime. 198 more words