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Forbidden Topics

What kinds of topics are forbidden? Because of what we say? Or how we say it? Are we conversationally policed by ourselves or by others? Is there a difference between conversations face-to-face and eye-to-eye and those indirect conversations fed through social media? 211 more words

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Sorry our website is such a mess at the moment. You know what it is like when you move into a new place. All our things are still in boxes at the moment, but we will be completely unpacked after the summer holiday… 78 more words



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The Risk and Urgency of Writing About the Things That Scare the Doo-doo Out of You

I’m Beth, and I was an adulteress. I am a Jesus lover. I mean, I’m wild about him and can’t get over the grace and mercy it seems he has lavished on my life to an embarrassing  degree—two splendid, healthy children, a comfortable home, a perfect cat, and a devoted and darling husband who still makes me swoon and laugh almost every day. 967 more words


May 3 2013, Remain

Recently a good friend and, in many ways mentor, wrote this in his blog: “I am more a follower of Jesus of Nazareth than the Jesus of Rome“. 19 more words


Then and Now: Favorite Books From Childhood ~ Good lessons or violence in training?

Daily Prompt: “What was your favorite book as a child? Did it influence the person you are now?

Books to me are friends, new and old ones. 2,377 more words

Commentary - Modern Times

March 17, Woman in Adultery

Today’s Gospel Story (John 8:1-11) is the Woman Caught in Adultery. Church law of those days said she was to be put to death by stoning. 210 more words