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Forbrydelsen Series 1-3 Review

The Danish original crime show, Forbrydelsen (translated wrongly into english as The Killing, when actually it means The Crime), has long been on my to watch list. 825 more words


The Killing Series Review

Original Title: The Killing
Creator: Veena Sud
Air date: 2011-2014

Review date: 21 January 2018

The Killing is a series based on the Danish series Forbrydelsen and, as far as I know, follow the same plot, at least at first. 275 more words


The Autopsy of The Killing: Part 13 - Orpheus Descending, Seasons 2, 3 & 4 (The Finale)

New Evidence – Linden confronts Councilman Richmond by referring to him as Orpheus, and he explains to her the myth behind the name. After receiving a call from Holder, Linden exits Richmond’s home and our two detectives meet outside. 2,881 more words

The Autopsy of The Killing: Part 12 - Beau Soleil

New Evidence – Linden arrives at the station while scolding Jack’s father over the phone, and Holder greets her with a screenshot of Rosie at the Wapi Eagle Casino. 1,439 more words

The Autopsy of The Killing: Part 11 - Missing

In the modern TV landscape, it seems almost commonplace to do a standalone episode every season. An episode that doesn’t necessarily drive the plot forward, but instead slows things down and hopefully allows for much-needed character development. 1,362 more words

The Autopsy of The Killing: Part 10 - I'll Let You Know When I Get There

New Evidence – We open on Bennet laying beaten in the rain. A bloodied Stan arrives home to a distressed Mitch, who’s holding Rosie’s missing shirt. 1,339 more words

The Autopsy of The Killing: Part 9 - Undertow

New Evidence – At the station, Linden and Holder listen to the wiretapped recording of Bennet’s conversation, as a female translator relays the information in English. 1,399 more words