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Vikings bearing gifts

The history books we read in school characterise the Vikings as murderous raiders, pillaging, murdering, burning, looting… These things did happen, but it wasn’t just like that. 248 more words


Coming late to 'Borgen'

Borgen is a ‘Danish’ TV drama, a political drama which was first released in 2010. It was popular not just in Denmark but in many other countries too, and won many awards. 306 more words

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Those Who Kill...

Den Som Dræber is a Danish TV series which only ran to one season; its English title is ‘Those Who Kill’ and it is in the same genre as ‘The Killing’ and ‘the Bridge’ and other similar Scandinavian TV shows.It stars Laura Bach as a detective on a murder squad headed up by Lars Mikkelsen who was also in series I of The Killing, and Jakob Cedergren who plays the part of a psychologist who deduces the identity of the killers by looking at their mental processes and motivation. 506 more words

TV, Radio And Film

Danske Film

The most fun way to learn a language is probably by listening to fantastic music or watching a great film. Watching The Killing (Forbrydelsen) and The Brigde (Broen) made me want to learn Danish and also made me curious what other great Danish movies and TV-series are available. 74 more words


Why Danish?

A few months ago I had the strange idea to learn Danish. I don’t know who to blame for that, but the awesome TV-series like The Killing (Forbrydelsen), The Government (Borgen) and The Bridge (Broen) are definitely suspects. 207 more words


From Italy to Denmark, with Giorgia Cantini and Sarah Lund

All are warmly invited to attend the next seminar in the  University of Glasgow SMLC Research Seminar Series, organised with the Centre for Gender History, at 4pm on Monday 23 February in Room 209, 2 University Gardens. 378 more words


The Joy of Decorating

I have been such a bad blogger since Christmas; I have been pretty busy with work and decorating though, so I have a good excuse… Its not as though I’ve spent the last 5 weeks ploughing through the Forbrydelsen box set. 844 more words