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Automation Information

Are you one of the nearly 7.6 Billion people that may be thinking that someday robots could replace us in the labor force? If so I may not be able to assuage that discomfort. 446 more words


Rescue Mission: Three Forces For Our Bail Out In These Hard Times.

There are three forces for our bail out in the hard times.

These forces are our only lifelines in the rescue mission. As children of God, we are not permitted to suffer what the world suffer. 671 more words


The Physical Nature of Force

The concept of the ‘force’ as the vector product of mass times acceleration, finds its origin in Newton’s second law of motion and is the fundamental concept of classical physics, since it is the basis of the other fundamental notions such as ‘work’ and ‘energy’. 155 more words

The Basic Concepts Of Physics

DHS Surge Capacity Force for FEMA

Also, remember when I talked about working together so that in a disaster things go well? Here’s the article I worked on w/ CBP as part of the DHS “Surge Capacity Force” ramp up to support FEMA. 58 more words

It's Simple

“It’s simple; but it’s not easy. You have to force yourself.” -Mel Robbins

Thought For The Day

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Air Bender

I haven’t heard the wind howl in such a long time I almost forgot it had a voice. Very strong this voice and clear.

Demanding attention. 29 more words

The Point Of View