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Are Police the new Lobsterbacks?


The video of the Chicago Police shooting a man in the street is both disturbing and instructive. When we consider the history of the powers of policing in the country, we can quickly see that something is amiss today. 116 more words


Darth Vader Arrested (Again)

Darth Vader committed another robbery, this time in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. Vader can be seen on surveillance videos at an 8 ’til Late convenience store, where he walked in, pulled out a gun, and demanded money. 147 more words

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Legal Affairs Looking For Air Force Regulations Governing Ptsd Treatment From Day It Is Mentioned

trying to help veterans who have PTSD. Army has regulations REQUIRING treatment. I am looking for Air Force regulations that may mandate treatment rather than being left at the discretion of the commanders who may, or more likely not, direct the veteran into psychiatric care. 7 more words


Everyone has experienced the torture of watching monstrous young men, men who have apparently been scoured of any shred of conscience, going about killing everyone they can find. 660 more words