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Force greater than gravity

In this world, gravity is a very strong force. The gravitational force pulls everything down, keeps it on Earth, but if you look at it, there is a force that is stronger than the force of gravity and that is the pull of samsara. 290 more words



Pressure is defined as the force per unit area.
it is the force that is attracted on a unit area.

Pressure can be viewed as a basic entity which is always in procession. 302 more words


Gravitational Field in SF

In this activity, we were to measure the strength of Earth’s gravitational field in San Francisco. We used the spark and a force sensor to attach various weights and record the force at which they were being pulled down. 106 more words


cf. 飛龍昇天破 (Hiryuu-shouten-ha)

(Kyokujitsu shouten no ikioi; “ the force of the rising sun”)


Vigorous, energetic, and forceful like the sun rising in the morning sky toward its zenith. 242 more words


F = ma? (Inertial Frames)

Here are two very interesting problems:

(a) Alec is in an amusement park, doing a ride on the rotating cylinder. Suppose Alec weighs 50kg, the cylinder rotates at π radians per second, and the radius of the cylinder is 5m, what is the normal force on Alec’s back? 681 more words


I Wish I Had Time

But would that I might

endure this time in pitiful joy;

Pitiful not due to my own satisfaction but

rather the obscure passions I must entertain… 142 more words