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How to Improve Your Vertical Jump

Athletes are obsessed with how high they can jump. It seems everyone wants to be able to dunk a basketball or jump over a pack of players. 724 more words


"Prime Minister Announces Spain Will Remove Catalonia’s Leader"

“In an unexpectedly forceful attempt to stop Catalan secessionism in its tracks, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy of Spain announced on Saturday that he would begin the process of removing the region’s separatist leader, Carles Puigdemont, from office. 42 more words


Greg Popovich Dunks on Donald Trump, the Soulless Coward!

For those who love basketball, you gotta love Greg Popovich.  He is the 10th winningest coach in NBA history.  When you watch the Spurs play Popovich always answers reporters questions succinctly.    302 more words

The Human Spirit.

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Spain plans to force Catalonia into January elections: opposition

MADRID (Reuters) – The Spanish government has secured opposition support to dissolve Catalonia’s parliament and hold new elections there in January in an effort to defuse the regional government’s push for independence.