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10 Consciousness Facts

Consciousness has been defined as many things to many people, but there can never be one encompassing definition to what it really is. However, there are several factual components that assist in its definition and allow us to assess our own level of consciousness. 1,195 more words



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Imperfect Love

What’s the most powerful force in the world?

The list of answers can continue forever: Guns, money, power, and more, but I think there is only thing that can outweigh all of these forces: 294 more words



Work here

Work hard

Work for us and we’ll take you far

But is this work really worth it

They’ll squeeze out each drop of sweat… 202 more words


Game Team Force v0.6.3 Apk + OBB

DescriptionВыходите на новый уровень – испытайте свои силы в больших сражениях! Собирайте команду и присоединяйтесь к захватывающим битвам в реальном времени в новой MOBA Team Force.Битва начинается, и только сильнейшие смогут пережить эти времена. Покажите, на что вы способны! Выбирайте и прокачивайте своего героя, разрабатывайте планы захвата вражеской территории и бросайтесь в бой!РАЗВЕДЫВАЙТЕ МЕСТНОСТЬМаневрируйте по двухуровневой карте, ищите самые верные дороги в стан врагов: от тёмных подвалов до охраняемых площадок!ВЫБИРАЙТЕ МОМЕНТ ДЛЯ УС

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Indonesian ban on foreign currency payments comes into force


The Central Bank of Indonesia has put into force a complete ban on the use of the US dollar and other foreign currencies in all financial transactions in the country to stop the rupiah free fall. 260 more words

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Forces and their unification

There are four forces known that govern everything in this cosmos. Gravity, electromagnetic, strong and the weak force. We usually only feel the first two because the last two are responsible for activities at atomic level. 261 more words