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Reduced Price - Forced Feminisation Story

I’ve reduced the price of A Very Dominant Woman on Amazon for just a few days.

That’s from US$4 to just US$1.23 for the USA… 73 more words


What a Wonderful New World!

It is such a delight to see so many men and boys embracing their Femininity and being pretty in skirts and dresses!  At the same time, I just Adore the women that are playing what were formerly “Male Only” sports!  720 more words

More than I bargained for

I decided to meet them.  It had been a long, ongoing process of emailing back and forth but after a couple of months I thought it was safe.   2,912 more words


Maintaining power in Feminised Led Relationships

There are, of course, many ways to maintain and reinforce a woman’s position in a Female Led Relationship (FLR). They are all very well documented and I’ve written about them myself various times. 561 more words


The Reversals are Happening!!!

What a wonderful sight to see so many men and boys embracing their femininity, and doing their best to look pretty and feminine.  Many women and girls are also now embracing the great benefits of male feminization and the empowerment of women.  1,420 more words

The Feminist Influence Men & Boys

It is becoming more and more apparent of the influence that Strong feminists are having on men and boys.  I was recently at a youth basketball game, and the one team was All girls, except for one boys.  377 more words


Aretta put a finger to her maid’s face and ran it along a strong jaw line. Aretta’s face fixed in displeasure at what she could see. 902 more words

Female Led Relationships