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The Whole World a Prison: Forced Feminization Narratives and the Politics of Sexual Identity

[Editor’s note: Though undoubtedly analytical, the post below contains references to mature themes, sexuality, and sexual assault. Please proceed accordingly.]

The idea that gender and sexual identities are malleable has become increasingly familiar to many Americans in recent years. 4,188 more words


Thoughts on Forced Feminization

I was catching up on some reading this weekend, and I happened to come across two stories that were very critical or dismissive of forced feminization. 508 more words


Walk of shame, of addiction, or both?

Driving to meet my collect my owner, traffic was a disaster. Building on the fact that I was already late after a time consuming phone call as I was rushing to complete some work before starting out. 980 more words


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A Little Devil in Georgia

Carter’s Weekend

The first bright rays of sunlight began streaming through the bedroom window just as the alarm clock jolted Carter Mayweather from his sleep.  1,528 more words

Bondage And Discipline

A Reluctant Housemaid - A Forced Feminisation Story

Annette, a hard working professional lady, becomes increasingly exasperated with her lazy stay-at-home husband Adrian. She enlists the help of her sexy neighbour Jenny to change him into their housemaid. 129 more words


Breasts for the feminised man

My recent article on exercise and diet has started something in my brain. I was originally just trying to get Alice to slim down a bit and have a more feminine willowy figure with a slight increase in her breasts but I didn’t expect too much increase. 194 more words


Free Book Tuesday Only

I have not done this in a while.  Tuesday, August 30th only if you click on the link below you will be able to get one of my books absolutely free.  52 more words

Bondage And Discipline