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Aretta put a finger to her maid’s face and ran it along a strong jaw line. Aretta’s face fixed in displeasure at what she could see. 902 more words

Female Led Relationships

Female Power and Control in the 21st Century!

Here is a great story of a Role Reversed couple that I found on a Female Led Relationship Site.  This is how relationships are being transformed.  466 more words

A mistress should be viligant

I don’t always insist on breast forms, not all the time anyway. However, for any feminised male a bra, like knickers, is a mandatory item of underwear. 418 more words


Are you ready to get Cuckolded by the Futa Motorcycle Club?

Forget Black Friday . . . make today a Book Friday with my erotic epic of sissy submission and futa domination, now live on Amazon! 182 more words


The Mature Feminine Male!

Today’s posting will be centered on the fact that many older men are really wanting to express their femininity.  What I really find delightful about this, is the fact that when many of these men were boys, they lived in an age where women and girls were Required to wear dresses and skirts, even if they wished not to.  637 more words

It starts with Mothers and other Women!

My posting for today is going to center on some correspondences I had years ago with a women named Whitte.  She was active for a very short time on Mister Poll, responding to one of my Polls.  3,798 more words