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The Cruel Wife Returns Next Segment

The Cruel Wife Returns

A New Start

I had no money, no job and nowhere to live.  So I scrounged what I could get off of the streets.  613 more words


Cruel Wife Book Day 2

The Cruel Wife Returns

I Try to Rebel

The next day when I got up I noticed that the two new lovers were still in Ruth’s room.  1,304 more words


Cruel Wife Book Day 2

The Cruel Wife Returns

History continued.

Things progressed fairly well for a while.  Ruth took great pains in instructing me in the proper way of doing things.  4,054 more words


Feminisation is compulsory

Feminisation should be compulsory, it certainly is in my house. So with this idea in mind, I’ve written a story about a fictional society where this policy is indeed the rule. 237 more words


There's a girl inside every man

I got the idea for the title of this post whilst writing my latest novel, ‘Feminisation is Compulsory’. I liked it so much I used it as part of the tag line for the story. 230 more words


Inconvenience and euphoria: being owned.

Although not exactly as this image, my owner does indeed some times lead me with a leash attached to a collar while locks prevent any possibility of freedom. 394 more words


No Going Back for a Reluctant Housemaid

In ‘A Reluctant Housemaid, No Going Back’, we continue to follow the adventures of Adrian and ‘the stepson’ who we met in ‘A Reluctant Housemaid’. 153 more words

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