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The New World!

I really love what I see with more and more girls and women playing sports.  It is awesome to see women and girls competing and being strong.  511 more words

The New Age Male is becoming more common!

I LOVE seeing all the Male Femininity that is happening almost everywhere!   Seeing more and more men becoming househusbands, while their wives are the Breadwinners is awesome.  642 more words

Mistress Ginny's Sissy

He went on the plane as a man, but he walked off as a woman.

Richard was a man with a secret desire.

All his life he had longed to be a woman, but he was too afraid to share his cross dressing fantasies with the world. 194 more words

Cross Dressing

For My Pets Only Private Posts

Starting today I will be writing private posts “For My Pets Only”. Only Deserving Pets will have access to these posts.Skip to conten

What is included in the Private Posts? 163 more words

Goddess Summer

Castration Phone Sex

Come here, you disgusting filthy fucker. What in the fuck do you think you are looking at? Do you think you have any right to gaze upon me with lusty thoughts? 297 more words

New Poll - Which Disney Princess Do You Dream of Being?

It’s Friday and that means it’s time for a new Poll!

This one is simple and just for fun! I want to know what Disney Princess do you dream of being? 25 more words

Goddess Summer