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Sadie Hawkins Day Modernized - New Reality TV show

My very own mother’s presentation to the School Board (this idea is copyrighted to Angelica Marie Gossett)

  • The school board can be content with our normal fundraisers which may raise a few hundred dollars or on a good year as much as 1,000.
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fs02: A Domme's View - Arc 4 - Chapter 39

Chapter 39

I have been antsy today. All day I kept checking my email on my phone. Over and over, over and over. I’m a bad worker. 1,316 more words


fs02: A Domme's View - Arc 4 - Chapter 38

Chapter 38

I fire up my laptop and load up kinklife. Sure enough, there’s a message from Cass. I click the link.

‘A Tale of Submission.’ Real original. 2,822 more words


fs02: A Domme's View - Arc 4 - Chapter 35

Chapter 35

I sit back in my throne and cross my arms. The long, satin robe covers my figure, hiding it from prying eyes. I smirk, wondering if he would read this body language as closing myself off. 2,941 more words


Fulfilling Mom's Desire

© Shruti

          Our family is basically from Tamilnadu, and got shifted to North India. Soon mom made lots of friends. One day they all joined together for… 66 more words

Forced Feminization

#12 Sissy Writing - If You're Thinking About Giving Up On Your Sissification

It happened 2 years ago. I don’t remember the reason for creating a tumblr account but I remember the countless hours I spent; amassing and reblogging sissy photos, shemale porn, sissy captions and hypnos. 352 more words


#9 - Amateur - Allison Lace: Sissy Faggot Fuckhole

I love finding a new sissy faggot on the internet. Every I find a new video or blog of a sissy who is just enjoying being herself, posting videos and pics and having a good time, it makes me so happy. 96 more words