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Although they are implemented differently in different courts, debtors’ prison practices still exist, potentially affecting thousands of individuals.

Debtors’ prison sounds like an archaic term — some long abandoned concept from the pages of a Charles Dickens novel. Unfortunately, modern day debtors’ prison is alive and well throughout the state of Ohio.   474 more words

Robert Teel

As Many as 60,000 Detained Immigrants May Have Engaged in Forced Labor for Private Prison Companies

As many as 60,000 immigrants detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement could play a role in a class-action lawsuit accusing a private prison company of violating federal anti-slavery laws. 195 more words

Daily News

Today's News & Commentary — March 6, 2017

The Atlantic interviews David Weil, who recently was in charge of the Department of Labor’s wage-and-hour division, on the future of the Department under President Trump. 213 more words

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Uzbekistan and Cotton

This is an incredible video by Anti Slavery, an organization dedicated to ending slavery globally. Most people don’t realize the ethical issues behind our clothing, they don’t know where their clothes come from. 39 more words

Forced Labor

Modern Day Slavery- Sex Trafficking In Your City

By legal definition, Sex Trafficking is “The illegal business of recruiting, harboring, transporting, obtaining, or providing a person and especially a minor for the purpose of sex” (Merriam-webster). 375 more words

Review: A Harvest of Thorns by Corban Addison

A Harvest of Thorns
by Corban Addison

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A beloved American corporation with an explosive secret. A disgraced former journalist looking for redemption. 670 more words

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