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Love Lock on the Bridge, Inta, Komi Republic

Icy river flows steadily through Inta, a small town in the middle of Russian arctic taiga. In the first glance, nothing reminds that Inta was center of Soviet labour camps from the 1930s to 1950s. 115 more words

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Modern Day Slavery: How Prevalent Is It and Debt Bondage

You have may have heard about it or aren’t sure how prevalent it is in today’s world. The truth is that modern-day slavery is alive and well in today’s economy. 616 more words

According to official figures, during the construction of Belomor, the White Sea Canal, 2.24% of the prisoners in the BelBaltlag camp complex died in 1931 (1,438 persons), 2.03% died in 1932 (2,010 persons) and in 1933, due to famine in the USSR and the rapidly approaching deadline to finish the project, 10.56% of the prison workforce died (8,870 persons). 224 more words


World Without Traffick - The How & Why

The idea for this website and blog came to life in August on the DLR to Bank. On my way to my internship, I met a friend of my brother’s who worked in the same building I would be working in. 466 more words

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Dalstroi Administrative Building, Dneprovsky, Kolyma

Dneprovsky is one of the best preserved Gulag sites in the entire Russia, and thus an important unofficial memorial to the victims of the political repression in the Soviet Union. 116 more words

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How the ILO is helping to end forced labour in Uzbekistan’s cotton industry

Nearly a quarter of the adult population in Uzbekistan—over three million people—take part in the country’s cotton harvest each year. Some two thirds of them are women. 1,120 more words

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Dom Kulturi, Kadykchan, Kolyma

By the Kolyma Highway, after kilometer 700, there lies a ghost town called Kadykchan. It once had over 10 000 inhabitants, but after the collapse of the Soviet Union profits of the nearby mine slumped, and at the turn of the millennium the entire town was left alone in the middle of the taiga at Russian Far East. 112 more words

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