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Week 51 - #13 Forced Perspective

Warning – Don’t shake your water……  There are water cannons – but I found that even the plain old water bottle can be quite volatile if shaken.

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A try on forced perspective…

3/365 Forced 6.27.15

The prompt was forced during the week of perspective. I really enjoy forced perspective photos especially ones of clouds! So I grabbed a paintbrush dipped it in some white paint and went out on the balcony, only to find there were only tiny little baby clouds or full white skies. 21 more words



This is scary!  Somehow when I was photographing this bird at the Venice jetty,  I got this perspective and it is totally coincidental. Funny too!

Week 48 - #13. Forced Perspective

When I thought about forced perspective, I had one place in mind so I drove my model, Mike, to the Museum District in Chattanooga. On the corner of an art shop is an antique clock that once stood on the sidewalk outside Fischer-Evans Jewelry Store in downtown Chattanooga. 40 more words

Mary Nell Moore

Top 10 Forced Perspective Photographs

Forced perspective photography operates on a type of illusion formed when an alignment of various elements in a frame come together to generate a new meaning. 134 more words