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Jesus' Perspective On Words

It’s easier to surrender our hearts and minds than our words.

Words give life, take life, encourage, discourage, give power, and take power away. Words brought everything to life. 475 more words

Chad Spriggs

Jesus’ Perspective on Service

Have you ever noticed how often we force things? We live beyond our means, work to hard, play to hard, sleep to much, get pushy with people, and even convince ourselves that it’s our job to fix the world. 613 more words

Chad Spriggs

These 3D Shapes Look Superimposed but They're Actually Painted Surfaces

Since 1979, artist Felice Varini has experimented with perspective, painting seemingly random surfaces that look fragmented and disjointed. The ‘big picture’ only comes together when viewed from a specific vantage point. 211 more words


Picture it & Write

Very sorry I haven’t been keeping up with Picture it & Write as normal. I’ve just started a new job and Christmas has been utter chaos this year. 347 more words


Cultivating Happiness

The video above inspired me so much, I don’t even know how to begin… Lately I’ve been surrounded by so much negativity, death, chaos; I completely forgot about the rest of the world and only saw these terrible things happening. 548 more words

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