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Twilight Photoshoot

Hello, my friends and readers! How are you all today? Good, I hope!

Since I just posted some wintry photos, I wanted to post some springy photos today. 176 more words


POW, #10 - Perspective

Forced perspective. I’ve seen a lot of really great ones when I researched forced perspective. I wanted to do something with the clouds in the sky, but there were a lot of overcast days last week. 112 more words


Week 10: Perspective

This was an interesting week. I’d never tried a forced perspective photo. I used a Christmas ornament and took two shots. One with my son in the background in focus for a sense of size. 53 more words


Forced Perspective

As an assignment in grade eight, I had to take pictures thatĀ seem like optical illusions. I am very proud of the photos I took and would like to share them. 30 more words


Join the Dark Side! We have Burgers...

When you think about it, Star Wars seems so meaningless. Because what are those wars all about? Power over the galaxy? Pfff… there are way more important conflicts to be fought. 339 more words


Assignment #6 - Creating Forced Perspective

Assignment due October 27.

Forced perspective is a photographic opticalĀ illusion that takes advantage of depth perception and camera placement to make two or more objects look different than they would in reality. 238 more words