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Mustang screams over the finish line at 195 mph with two wheels in the air

Its pretty normal to see a drag racer go into two-wheel mode at the launch, but this mustang went partially airborne at the finish line! PSI’s own Frank Soldridge pushed this Mustang to the limit as he crossed the finish line with an insane wheelie like we’ve never seen. 14 more words


Breakthrough / Przełom

I was collecting modern (and modern only) HW Mustangs and Shelbies utill April 2014. Till then I could have about ten cars and I didn’t want to involve myself in expanding my collection by adding to it some classics Stangs. 154 more words

Twin Turbo Mustangs have the Devil inside

A pair of mustangs are back in black for a blistering drag race that’s sure to set the strip on fire. Tim Lunch and Brand Band go head to head in a race for the ages in their pair of Outlaw Twin Turbo Mustangs. 32 more words


Second incentive (a little bit more of history) / Drugi bodziec (odrobina więcej historii)

A good few weeks after I bought my first HW Mustang, I encountered even better looking model that focused my full attention on it. There was no other choice, I just had to get. 202 more words

The Rock just leaked a first look at Ford's all new commemorative 'Bullit' Mustang

If you’re a fan of a good car chase, chances are better than not that you’ve seen Steve McQueen’s 1968 classic film ‘Bullit.’ It turns out that Ford hasn’t forgotten and may soon release a special ‘Bullit’ edition mustang. 78 more words

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