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Behind the Scenes with "Silent Witnesses"

As we say goodbye to the landmark exhibition commemorating the 150th anniversary of Lincoln’s assassination, we are also looking back on the monumental amount of work that went into making an exhibition of this scale. 1,101 more words

Ford’s Theatre

Shocker: There's a Confederate Flag Sewn Into Lincoln's Chair at Ford's Theatre

As national debate rages about the Confederate flag, a peculiar installation of that controversial banner may be hiding in plain sight – inside the cushion of Abraham Lincoln’s rocking chair, a replica that rests in a balcony box in the re-built Ford’s Theatre in Washington, D.C. 1,329 more words

Social Media in the Classroom: How a Virtual Field Trip Connected Thousands to Ford's Theatre

Editor’s Note: On March 26, 2015, Discovery Education and Ford’s Theatre hosted a Virtual Field Trip, connecting with thousands of students in their classrooms. One of the teachers watching was Colin Sinko, a fifth-grade teacher at Carver Elementary School in Wendell, North Carolina. 1,220 more words

Ford’s Theatre

The Museum Guard: Keeping Lincoln Artifacts Safe

May 29 marks the final day Ford’s Theatre will display the Ford’s 150 special exhibition Silent Witnesses: Artifacts of the Lincoln Assassination. This hallmark exhibition reunites—for the first time since April 1865—an extraordinary collection of artifacts that were in the Theatre or carried by Abraham Lincoln on the night of his assassination. 822 more words


“President Lincoln Is Dead: The New York Herald Reports the Assassination” at the Newseum

Located on the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and 6th Street in northwest D.C., the Newseum is an impressive institution devoted to the evolution of news reporting and the importance of free press in a society. 2,012 more words

Lincoln's Legacy

On Wednesday, we got a behind-the-scenes tour of Ford’s Theatre, a downtown theater that most notably is the site of President Abraham Lincoln’s assassination. It was certainly not my first visit to the theater (my Dad was our tour guide of the day!), but the tour on Wednesday left me thinking about not only President Lincoln as a politician but also as a person. 425 more words

Ford's Theatre After Lincoln's Assassination

After President Lincoln was killed, the government shut down Ford’s Theatre and imprisoned owner John T. Ford for over a month. By the time he was released, arsonists had tried at least twice to burn the building down. 194 more words