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Snow late Thursday, still watching winter weather this weekend

A BIT OF SNOW: We continue to keep the cloud cover into the overnight time frame, and for the next several days. Temperatures drop into the 20s once again overnight with partly to mostly cloudy skies. 409 more words


Ice Likely Tonight, Snowstorm Friday - Saturday

Good morning everyone! We’ve got a lot of things to discuss here, and not much time to do it. The next 4 days are set to bring with them just about everything winter can throw at us. 1,146 more words


17 January 2019 Listening

A Mini-Lesson on Parallels and Contraparallels

We’ve got a lot of parallels and contra-parallels perfecting today, so maybe it’s time for a reminder of what these are: a parallel is when two or more bodies are on the same side (either north or south) of the celestial equator, also known as the ecliptic, and also at the same declination (distance) from it; a contra-parallel is when two or more bodies are at the same declination from the ecliptic, but on opposite sides, one north and one south. 296 more words


Local Forecast- sunny and pleasant

Morning, today will be the best day of the week with sunny and seasonal temperatures. A system moves in starting on Thursday that will bring us showers until Sunday. 100 more words


Cloudier and breezy Wednesday before another kiss of snow later Thursday

QUIET & MILDER BUT BREEZY: A weak cold front approaching the region brings more clouds to the region Wednesday, in addition to breezy winds. Lows start in the middle to upper 20s. 443 more words