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Trouble is brewing in banker paradise

Authored by Adam Taggart via PeakProsperity.com, In our recent report, Banks Are Evil, we pulled no punches in making the accusation that the financial system is the root cause of injustice in today’s society.ADVERTISING It’s a good blood-boiler.

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The Real Fraudsters: Banks or Homeowners like Barbara Bratton?

I was informed last night that Barbara Bratton—who sued U.S. Bank in 2012 over the foreclosure of her home in Ontario, California–was recently convicted on 6 counts of real estate fraud and now faces up to 6 years in prison.  1,340 more words

Everything Is Rigged

Ocwen stock is tanking fast

Update: The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau just sued Ocwen for “failing borrowers throughout mortgage servicing process. It says “mortgage servicer’s widespread errors, shortcuts, and runarounds cost borrowers money, homes.” CFPB Press Release CFPB Complaint The Commissioner of Financial Regulation for the State of Maryland issued a Summary Order to Cease and Desist and Partial Summary […]

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Ocwen fabricates mortgage documents

Ocwen is the bottom-feeder of mortgage servicing companies. Most survey’s rank Ocwen as the absolute worst in customer service and accountability including consumer research by J.D.

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Deed theft scams, why not go after the banks too

It is supreme irony that individual scam artists are being prosecuted for false representations and deed theft — while the the institutional scam artists on Wall Street did the same thing raking in trillions of dollars, without a whiff of criminal prosecution.

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Bank of America appeals $45 million award

By K.K. MacKinstry The bank claims the fine amount is ‘unprecedented in its magnitude’ because Bank of America is routinely not punished for its criminal behavior.

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Are baby boomers really doing that well

View story at Medium.com View story at Medium.com Are Boomers Really Doing Well? I was inspired by this piece in the Boston Globe about how the Boomers have ruined everything to go into the Survey of Consumer Finances and see just how well the Boomers are actually doing, at least as far as wealth goes.

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