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Tennis insights: The differences between the "big four" tennis players

Djokovic/Nadal have a really aggressive cross-court backhand and aggressive flatter cross-court forehands that allows them to really rip through the ball and find impossible angles. Just watch some of Nadal v Djokovic best matches!!! 244 more words

Why the sliding forehand has become one of tennis' most important shots.

Year on year tennis evolves and moves on and one part of the game which amazes me is the ability of players whilst defending. The adaption to be able to be effective whilst deep and defending on the court is something which has grown but I don’t think it is something you can always teach. 312 more words


How To Play Tennis: Beginner's Guide Chapter 2- Forehand

Now you have your equipments and at the tennis courts with your new ball hopper and 100 new balls. You are ready to learn how to play your forehand. 830 more words


Grip Styles

Did you know there are a total of EIGHT different styles of grips?? That’s a lot! If you want to make sure you’re not thrown through a loop when you’re trying out grips for the first time, check out the video below where I explain the appearance and uses of each one! 63 more words


Jurnal Latihan #005: Teknik Serang Forehand

Capek banget habis latihan tadi malam. Yah, sebenarnya gak banyak2 juga sih volume latihannya, tapi entah kenapa rasanya tetap capek! Jadi, setelah mengantar kakak ke tempat praktek di dekat TP (sebenarnya mau langsung berangkat ke tempat latihan setelah shalat isya, tapi ternyata disuruh nganter dulu), saya langsung ke tempat latihan (telat deh). 441 more words


How To Hit a Modern Forehand With Spin

The video describes in simple steps how to hit a “MODERN FOREHAND”. Why we call it modern? Well, in the past 10/12 years the way professional players hit their strokes has been changing. 188 more words


sketch: forehand stance

The Wimbledon finals happens this weekend. Venus Williams will try to make history by winning the women’s finals at the age of 37. On the men’s side, Federer will also return to the finals as a 36-year-old. 25 more words