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Dramatically improve your forehand with the correct weight placement

I am constantly trying to improve my tennis technique.

Recently I made this discovery: you can actually hit a killer forehand standing on one foot. Guess which one it is? 94 more words


Forehand to Forehand Crosscourt

This is a very classic drill. One of the most popular warm up drills as well, were two players will hit crosscourt to each other’s forehand. 878 more words


Winning patterns !

There are some things that many tennis coaches don’t teach. Or they focus a little.

Building points. Its crucial isn’t it? You have learned the basic and advanced techniques of all groundstrokes, volleys, overheads etc. 84 more words


Tennis Tips - Grips - For Beginners

For anyone who is new to tennis, one of the first and most important steps is learning how to properly hold the tennis racquet. We determine grips based on what part of the tennis racquet the base knuckle of your index finger is touching.  915 more words

Tennis Tips

Tennis Lesson

On a cold winters morning in January

tennis lesson

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Isner vs. Janowicz Hopman Cup

I’m a huge Isner fan and have been waiting for his game to progress more beyond his serve.  Despite his 7-6/6-4 vistory over Janowicz, staying in rallies enough to win the point against big hitters has been a challenge for him.   141 more words


Tennis v/s cricket: busting myths from a playing perspective

Around end of March, I began to play tennis, having watched it since at least 1994, maybe 93.  I have been following cricket (or used to, rather) for roughly as many years.   2,033 more words