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How to hit topspin in tennis

Topspin is where the ball rotates forward as it travels through the air. Viewing it from side on, if the  ball is moving from left to right, it will rotate in a clockwise direction. 1,084 more words


Rafa Nadal Superstitions

Rafael Nadal is a person I enjoyed watching on clay because of the way he played on clay.

The routines or superstitions he has were ignored by me when I was his fan. 33 more words


Prodigious Forehands and a Fire in The Belly- The Next Generation of American Tennis

I’m getting sick of hearing it. The doldrum of dying quips about the bleak state of American tennis. The constant stream of negative mutterings about it. 774 more words

Watch: Up-and-comer Mac Forehand is the real damn deal

The latest grom edit to hit the web comes to us from 13-year-old Mac Forehand. Originally hailing from Connecticut, the up-and-comer calls Stratton Mountain, Vermont home in the winter months. 21 more words

Fundamentals—the forehand throw

Another good video from Rise Up, this time going over the forehand throw.

One thing for our players to note—Coach Wiggins releases his forehand throw with a flat disc. 117 more words


Dramatically improve your forehand with the correct weight placement

I am constantly trying to improve my tennis technique.

Recently I made this discovery: you can actually hit a killer forehand standing on one foot. Guess which one it is? 94 more words


Forehand to Forehand Crosscourt

This is a very classic drill. One of the most popular warm up drills as well, were two players will hit crosscourt to each other’s forehand. 878 more words