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Sir that is no forehead,

Crikey, man alive,

Sir that is no forehead,

It clearly is a five.


The Vets Head

Late night thoughts brought me to Vets forehead. Honestly really freaks the hell out of me. Not sure if it’s some sort of birth defect, or just flesh damage from nam. 61 more words


Norman looks so young and fresh here.

Skatz: This must have been before the surgery to correct his ‘five head’.

Clearly after so many years, the weight of the mole began to drag down his face… you could fit the Constitution between his hairline and eyebrow.

Once a Year

You are the occasion,
yet I have nothing to give.
I hold only sparkles
which lack the metaphor
of diamond rings and gold charms.
I am weighed down. 82 more words

Chasing Rabbits

Brazil legend Pele to lease forehead for commercial advertising

Pele is rightly known as one of the greatest footballers to have ever graced this planet. He won three World Cups and (apparently) scored over 1000 career goals – a true great… 341 more words



When in love your cheeks turn red

When in anger your forehead turns read

When in cold your ears turn red

When some one says ‘I LOVE YOU’ your face turns red… 18 more words