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He cherished kissing her on the forehead. She cherished all the unsaid promises hidden in those kisses.


Of NEW Babyadult Digital Multifunction Noncontact Infrared Forehead Body

Do security cameras need infrared digital camera lenses to produce infrared video images? How does an digital video infrared camera produce infrared images?

Therefore it is not necessary to used an… 284 more words

kangbaobei Thermoscan Infrared Thermometer Handheld IR Digital Temperature

Laser Thermometer, being non-contact in nature has got several advantages like this is essentially the most flexible calculating tool that has got the ability to calculate the temp of object or subject from remote location with the assurance that its path is not inhibited. 238 more words

True tale of a Chinese woman who has grown a horn on her forehead(Photos)

The 100-year old Zhang Ruifnag from central China’s Henan Province, began growing the monstrosity, which started as a small lump on her forehead, last year. 137 more words


Forehead, Thomas William. Died 24th Aug 1915

Thomas William Forehead was born 13 April 1890 at Leicester. His parents were Thomas and Julia Forehead and 1891 and on the 1891 census were dwelling at St. 367 more words


Special Forehead and Temple Lift

As we age, the facial balance and harmony within our face become heavier. In the temple and brow areas crow’s feet lines form and other wrinkles become prominent. 90 more words

Jade Plastic Surgery

What is your skin telling you?


Your skin can tell you many things about what is happening throughout your body. Its amazing how interconnected everything is. There are 12 different “zones” that are related to certain functions of your body. 358 more words

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