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my trophy.

If you would have come to visit the Bork house when I was young, chances were high that I wanted to take you on a tour of the house. 188 more words


Tilak, sandal paste and Vibuthi?

The space between two eyebrows (Bhrumadhya) is a key nerve point of the human body and it’s the place where ‘Ajna Chakra’ lies. Applying kumkum/tilak results in activation of nerve and points at Bhrumadhya and also facilitates blood circulation to facial and other associated muscles. 48 more words

Do You Know?

Dailies 4/9/17: a fawn, foreheads & a choir, love, & a pleasant thought for morning

Grace Paley – The Choir Singing

From the balcony of the Thetford Hill
First Congregational Church
I look down at the choir singing
the adoration of Christ their Lord… 99 more words

ThermiRase, better than Botox?

The answer may be yes for certain areas of the face. 395 more words


Brain Freeze by Dennis Allen Lange

The ice cream is before me in the bowl
And suddenly my spoon is far too small.
I need a shovel so to eat it whole… 137 more words


Improve Forehead Creases with a Brow Lift - Smith Facial Plastics

As we get older, we begin to experience wrinkles all over our face. Genetics, environmental factors, as well as other things will determine how quickly we get wrinkles and where these wrinkles will occur on our face. 23 more words

Smooth Wrinkles in the Forehead with a Brow Lift - Orlando FL - Nova Cosmetic Center

Many patients choose to get a brow lift because it reverses some of the effects of gravity and helps to tighten soft tissues within the forehead. After…