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Yoga Lesson 17th September 2016

Jalandhar Bandh ( Throat or Glottis lock)   || Jalandhare krute bandhe kanthsankochlakshane,  na piyusham patatyagro na ch vaayuha prakrupyati  ||

Having maintained the bandh named Jalandhar characterized by contraction at the throat, the nectar oozing from the moon does not fall down into the fire at the navel and also the Vaayu does not get disturbed. 345 more words


How you can Improve Your Posture And Keep away from Physique Ache.

Your posture is definitely the way your body is positioned when standing, sitting or lying. Both use a simple Sony emblem just over the display by using a front-facing camera in the left. 1,035 more words


One Of This Year's Most "Embarrassing" Japanese Games

(Source: kotaku.com)

This is Toraware no Paruma (Captive Palm). It’s about a young man who has lost his memory. It seems, you can play it like this. 204 more words


Tips for Making Your Forehead Look Smaller

How many of you don’t feel confident when you have to show your big forehead to the public? Well, I’m one of those people. Since I was in primary school, my friends have always called me “Meng” (Thai word) which means “Big forehead” in English. 611 more words


STORYTIME: The story of Little Miss Scarface

I find that I have always grown up hating my body.

This was true for me especially after being sexually abused. I remember feeling dirty and just hating myself beyond comprehendabe words. 411 more words


Treat Forehead Wrinkling with a Brow Lift - Orlando FL - Nova Cosmetic Center

People who are happy all of the time, regardless of the circumstances they face, are very special people. They are so much fun to be around, and they inject a sense of joy and happiness wherever they are. 21 more words

Drunk Woman Got A Tattoo On Her Forehead That She'll Regret FOREVER [PICS]

This lady had a little too much to drink then decided to get a tattoo – on her forehead! See the pics…

Mirror.co.uk says that the British woman got a tattoo of Harry Potter’s lightening bolt scar on her own forehead! 15 more words