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How US Tax Dollars Helped to Fuel the Murders in Garissa

What causes me the greatest sadness and heartache is the loss of innocent life. It happens too often and it happens all over the world. Whether it’s victims of… 818 more words


What Happens when US Christian Fundamentalists Shape Public Policy in the Global South?

It is no secret that United States domestic policy has a hard time implementing the separation between church and state doctrine. In particular, conservative Christian values and morals increasingly shape public debate, policy, and even law. 857 more words

International Human Rights Movement

The Count is Wrong

So in the paper this week we have coverage of the dismal state of global vital registration data, that is, the data that governments collect on cause of death among their citizens and report to the WHO. 746 more words


The election and UK defence policies

With the election only a few days away it’s worth taking a look at some of the main defence policies of the parties. The war in Afghanistan may be finished, but with ISIS still in existence and tensions with Russia mounting, not to mention the issues and challenges we cannot forsee, it’s important to understand where each party lies on the major policies that will effect the UK’s future security and international stability. 738 more words


An 101-year-old man was found alive a week after Nepal's earthquake

A man was discovered alive under the rubble of his home in Nepal seven days after the country’s devastating earthquake and just as rescuers had… 234 more words

Why I Will Vote UKIP

I believe in immigration and gay marriage and I’m voting UKIP. I believe in national sovereignty and individual responsibility and I’m voting UKIP. I care about the economy, the rich, the poor and the helpless, and I’m voting UKIP. 3,196 more words


Ukraine: Guns, Education, and Steel

By William Jirousek

It has been 70 days since the fall of Debaltseve to the Russian backed rebels, the Ukrainian Civil War has been put on the backburner of most peoples minds.   1,249 more words