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Israel’s $38 Billion Scam

We all by now have heard about the obscene amount of aid that the US will send to Israel……all $38 billion…….but that may not be the end…… 252 more words

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Monsanto in Gates’ Clothing? – AGRA Watch

This article laid out connections about the going-ons of the “Green Revolution” that is pushing its way into Africa under the guise of sustainability.  AGRA (Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa) is funded by the Gates Foundation and Monsanto (i’ve known they were in bed together for a long time)  but up popped a Rockefeller foundation interest (no real surprise) and how the US government funds these ventures through the USAID and the Casey-Lugar Global Food Security act.   58 more words

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John DiIulio, 'Bring Back the Bureaucrats'

Bring Back the Bureaucrats is a small book (it’ll fit in a jacket pocket) with a big message. John DiIulio argues powerfully and persuasively that the main problem with US Government is not that it’s overbloated but that it’s understaffed. 1,278 more words

Bring Back The Bureaucrats

Farcical philanthropy

Location: Gizo, Western Province, Solomon Islands. Situation: Sitting on the edge of a dock trying to avoid a stranger who had invited himself into conversation with me. 871 more words

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Foreign Aid

It is a well-known fact that, despite all the millions and billions of dollars of aid that have been given by wealthy countries to their poorer brethren, the majority of these countries continue to be mired in poverty. 5,196 more words

Act II: Free-Market Folly: Why Economics Is Not A Science

A bottle of wine, contemporary gifts and the spiritual essence

A lot has been written about foreign aid in the Middle East and the analytical framework offered by gift theories. An author can hardly wish a better ‘last post’ than a story written by life. 313 more words

Foreign Aid