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Answering the global poverty eradication question

Recently Ban Ki-moon, the UN secretary general, applauded the 15-year global push to meet the Millennium Development Goals on poverty, education, gender equality, child mortality, maternal health, disease, the environment and global partnership. 290 more words

Global Economic Justice

What's in it for us: Why the United States Needs to Expand Foreign Aid

I want you to make an estimate, without Google/Siri/any other assistance, of how much of the budget the United States spends on foreign aid every year. 893 more words


US Cheers "Reforms," Resumes Bahrain Military Aid

Jason Ditz reports for Antiwar:

‘Praising the island dictatorship for its “reforms,” the State Department today announced that the US is ending all restrictions on military aid to Bahrain, though they declined to say exactly how much new military aid would be involved in this. 276 more words


Need of Stronger State Institutions

A series of articles by Emily Troutman on use of aid money in Nepal after the recent earthquakes revealed that “less than 1% of funding for quake relief goes to groups in Nepal”. 970 more words

Global Health

Bureaucracy Gone Haywire in Zimbabwe's Ministry of Health

Full Report

Quick Summary: We now live in a world where everything in the dark comes to light! Zimbabwe is just like any other country in the world that experiences some sort of corruption in its bureaucracy. 438 more words

Aid or Donation: Is it Bad for Nepal now?

Donation is not bad for Nepal in current circumstances. The problem will arise if we have to look for additional donations in future to study whether all incoming aid for rebuilding Nepal purpose was used transparently or not and again if current support increase our dependency on foreign actors. 225 more words


Red Cross raised half a billion dollars to help Haiti rebuild ... six homes

Publicly it has celebrated its work but, in reality, the Red Cross has repeatedly failed on the ground in Haiti. An investigation reveals damning insider information that exposes the group’s dubious claims. 335 more words

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