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Why aren’t we talking about how foreign aid serves national interest?

Sosa Sharon argues that we need to change how we talk about foreign aid

Here in the UK we discuss foreign aid as if it were just a free giveaway of resources to those less well off around the world – an act of global goodwill. 843 more words


Why foreign aid cannot be regressive?

Now, when the European Union seems to be considering a significant increase in aid for Africa—led this time not by humanitarian concerns but by the well understood self-interest as reduction of migration is hard to imagine without a substantial convergence in incomes between Africa and Europe—it is worth pointing out that one argument against aid cannot hold.

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One Email, One Phone Call

As a writer for the Borgen Project, I can safely say that this is the most constructive internship I’ve ever had. I have learned so much not only about non-profit work, but also the impact of global poverty on all aspects of life and the multitude of benefits everyone would receive if we take foreign aid seriously. 815 more words

Random Tidbits

Bush removed it. Obama reinstalled it. What will Trump do about a plaque honouring Hillary Clinton?

By Caitlin Gibson

He coined the nickname “Crooked Hillary.” He led his supporters in chants of “Lock her up!” And even long after their bitter contest ended, U.S. 442 more words


Post 29: North Korea's Goal is Survival, But the US Must Offer the Kim Regime Another Path to its Objective

North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un. (Reuters).

Politics is a game of survival, where governments battle with guns and words to protect their citizens and procure more power. 803 more words



Majority-Minority birth-rates has been right around 50% in the United States, only slightly favoring a majority of birthed whites for about three decades. The 2015 Pew Research findings showed it teetering towards the opposite direction, however, fulfilling the predictions of a future America where there are no minorities or majorities. 977 more words

‘It’s Complicated’: Cambodia's NGOs and International Donors

Written by Louise Coventry.

Non-government organisations (NGOs) in Cambodia are wholly reliant on foreign funds: All funded NGOs in Cambodia receive foreign funding. Moreover, NGOs in Cambodia have emerged under the sponsorship of local patrons and foreign funders: Most owe… 1,208 more words