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AHLC, May 2015 and Gaza pledges

An OECD-chart reporting on 2014 ODA (as percentage of GNI, DAC and non-DAC donors alike) shows that the biggest donor is the United Arab Emirates (1,17%). 234 more words

Foreign Aid

Staying grounded in Haiti: How do you do it?

Recalling my time in Haiti tends to go something like this:

I think back on mornings spent navigating traffic on a busy street, and a conversation in a crowded muggy kitchen, voices carrying the dinner hour well beyond nightfall, I remember my salty hair being yanked and pulled into a handful of messy braids by the kids on the beach, and that talk with a young guy at the top of La Citadelle Laferrière about what’s next, and what it’s like to make the climb to the top each and every day of his summer break to greet the visitors who come to marvel at the towering structure … 292 more words


Shoes & Solutions

Tomorrow, April 21, 2015, students across the campus of Northwest Missouri State, my Alma mater, will forego shoes in an effort to raise global awareness for children’s health and education. 936 more words

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Australia Shows Poor Form in Supporting the Poor

One billion dollars.

I find it hard to get my head around that figure when most transactions in my household are less than three figures. In case you’re right now trying to count how many zeros come after the one in 1 billion – it’s nine. 656 more words

Keeping The Faith

Another Edition of Great Moments in Government Waste, Malfeasance, and Foolishness

Since I’m an advocate of smaller government, you might imagine I’m perpetually depressed. After all, I work in Washington where I’m vastly outnumbered by people who… 918 more words

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"Pick of the Week": The Weekly on Foreign Aid

The ‘Federal Budget‘, which was released this week, is promising “jobs, growth and opportunity”.

Who’s excited…?

For me, it isn’t apathy. I care about how the government is spending our money. 147 more words


"SWPL Imperialism" @ TheRightStuff

I’ve written an article at TRS about the phenomena of white college students going abroad to post pictures on Facebook of themselves with African children. Head on over to check it out and check your privilege.