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Bibi and Obamacare

The GOP has bypassed traditional protocol and allowed Bibi Netanyahu to make a political speech before Congress. Now one wonders what Boehner and company will do next. 385 more words


Protest Netanyahu and U.S. Support for the Cycle of Conflict

Tomorrow, Tuesday March 3rd, I’m going to a protest in San Francisco against Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to Congress. I’m not protesting the people of Israel; I honor and respect our shared humanity as well as our differences.  222 more words

Undocumented Foreign Aid.

We’ve all heard complaints about how “undocumented workers” take US jobs and how technology companies are using H1B visas to depress wages and displace  US citizens.  303 more words

UKIP's foreign aid announcement by Nathan Gill, UKIP MEP

UKIP’s foreign aid policy is very simple, we will ensure that our aid is concentrated on life-saving programmes. Inoculation, Clean Water and Emergency Disaster Relief. 114 more words

Jeffrey Sachs Views Development as a Responsibility

Today our Student Spotlight is from Emmie Mediate, a senior at Notre Dame studying Africana Studies, Medicine, and International Development. She has conducted a variety of research on international healthcare systems throughout her undergraduate career, with a particular interest in HIV/AIDS policy. 694 more words

Student Spotlight

Australian PM (sort of) Tells Indonesia: How Can You Kill Our Drug Traffickers? We Gave You a Lot of Money During the Tsunami

Two Australians Andrew Chan and Myaran Sukumaran, convicted of drug trafficking, are awaiting execution in Indonesia. In an effort to convince the Indonesian government to stay the execution, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said… 931 more words

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