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No Border Wall, but US Builds Green Bus Corridor in Mexico, Bicycle Highway in Colombia

From Judicial Watch, 10-25-16:

Surprise, surprise the US is the first to donate millions of dollars to yet another global warming experiment—run by the famously corrupt United Nations—that aims to forge “climate resilient infrastructure” in third-world countries. 710 more words


Ramble: Do More With Less

The acorn has the potential to cover the earth in wood. A million dollars has the potential to end world hunger. A construction company has the potential to house all those that are homeless. 657 more words

Regional Bullies: Unpacking Donald Trump’s “America First” Plan

By: William Tipton

With a change in presidential administrations comes a change in foreign policy. This election has the potential to create the most substantial shift in foreign policy between two administrations. 1,092 more words

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Why Haitians are urging people not to donate to American Red Cross | Conquer Fear and Live Free!

As the death count after Hurricane Matthew approaches 900 and reports of deadly cholera outbreaks begin to surface, Haitians have sent out desperate pleas for help. 18 more words

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Michael Tierney

Michael Tierney is the George and Mary Hylton Professor of Government and International Relations and Director of both the Institute for the Theory and Practice of International Relations… 149 more words


'I don't think they care about the people up here': Haitians don't want help from the American Red Cross

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As Hurricane Matthew churned toward Haiti at full force last week, France Francois knew she was powerless to stop the impending natural disaster. 1,385 more words


The Good and the Bad of Zambian and American Cultures

As a visitor to another country and culture entirely different from your own, you slowly start to understand the foreign place into which you have landed. 579 more words