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Marshall Plan: How US rebuilt Europe.

WW2 left Europe completely destroyed and the baton power was passed on to United States of America and the USSR a.k.a Soviet Union (now Russia).2 superpowers with widely different ideologies and nukes to back them up is perfect recipe for a conflict; except this conflict was different, there was no direct confrontation of the 2 powers but rather a war of proxy states, ideas, technological capability and political spheres. 394 more words

Foreign Aid

The U.S. government’s foreign aid development programs are often “a weapon for population control, hidden as a tool to fight poverty,” the organizer of an ongoing international symposium on population control said. 269 more words


Understanding China's Foreign Aid

China is on route to becoming the world’s largest foreign aid donor. While the Trump administration is planning to cut back its foreign aid budget, China is expanding its global development footprint. 574 more words


Absolutely Reorganize, But Don't Break Foreign Assistance

President Trump’s election and Republican control of Congress created a mandate for change.  In the case of foreign affairs and foreign assistance, the challenge is to channel that mandate and the resulting political capital in ways that will make this country stronger and safer. 1,956 more words

China: Biggest donor of foreign aid?

AidData, a research lab at the College of William & Mary, tracks statistics pertaining to foreign aid, some of which is quite elusive. They find that over the last 15 years (2000-14), China has provided $350 billion in official finance to other countries. 231 more words


Russia Is the Biggest Recipient of Chinese Foreign Aid

In the past two decades, as China’s resource-gobbling economy and its desire for influence has ballooned, so has the amount of foreign aid that China has distributed around the globe. 713 more words

The Cable

No, China is not about to become the world's largest aid donor

US president Donald Trump’s plans to slash the American government’s overseas spending has led to a rash of speculation that China could emerge as a new “global leader” on everything from free trade to the world’s fight to combat climate change. 435 more words