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Aid charities have hit back at claims Australians do not care about foreign aid, after the international development minister said about 75 per cent of Australians did not support further spending on the nation’s aid budget. 148 more words

Foreign Aid

Importing anarchy

One of the policies that we see from developed nations, mostly from the west is the practice of providing poorer nations with aid. While in general it sounds like a good idea, the underlying reasons how this leads to the catastrophe of the poorer nations and eventually the demise of their own country will be explored. 452 more words


AID chief Penny Mordaunt sparked fresh fury with Tories by saying the Government has a “moral duty” to carry on spending billions of taxpayers’ cash on foreign aid. 110 more words

Foreign Aid

Marry In Haste, Repent At Leisure


Softly does it and this is what we are good at.  Just as well that we have not attacked, as only now  does Russia’s battleplan against Britain become apparent.  368 more words


American leadership is on the decline in the eyes of global leaders. Sadly, public bluster and daily rhetoric continue to degrade America’s global image and create a healthy dose of skepticism about Washington’s intentions, even among the staunchest U.S. 196 more words


Why have foreign aid projects been largely ineffective in Karamoja?

Despite the considerably large sums of foreign donor’s money sunk in different projects in Karamoja over the years, there is a near consensus that most of these projects certainly didn’t achieve their anticipated goals by all standards. 1,247 more words


Britain is now one of only five countries to meet the UN’s foreign aid target, as even Germany failed to give 0.7 per cent of its national income on overseas aid last year. 58 more words

Foreign Aid