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Working in a Developing Nation: Lessons in Flexibility and Disappointment

It has been said: “When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” But sometimes all the planning and preparation in the world is not enough. 646 more words


A Plan Colombia for Afghanistan

On Feb. 4, President Barack Obama will host Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos at the White House to discuss a peace deal that will end the decades-long insurgency between the central government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).  1,108 more words


There is a famine in Africa... again.

Two weeks ago I learnt that my host father in Malawi was facing some financial difficulties.

This week my friend told me that his mother in Malawi said that there is a food shortage in the country. 623 more words

The Debate on Foreign Aid to Civil Society

Does foreign aid infringe on a state’s sovereignty? Territorial integrity is often one of the highest regarded principles in international relations. States cannot be forced to allow foreign actors to support civil society. 928 more words

Territorial Integrity

Nation-State of Emergency: Providing International Aid to Syria

Today, at the 7611th meeting of the Council, there was an unanimous vote led by the President in favor of document S/2016/81, a draft resolution presented by France. 313 more words