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Taxpayers with Foreign Assets May Have FBAR and FATCA Filing Requirements in June

The Internal Revenue Service today reminded all taxpayers with an FBAR filing requirement to report their foreign assets by the June 30 deadline. FBAR filings have risen dramatically in recent years as FATCA phases in and other international compliance efforts have raised awareness among taxpayers with offshore assets. 883 more words

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Estates of Deceased U.S. Citizens

The US Department of State, through its Bureau of Consular Affairs  has released a very interesting note regarding on what happens if a U.S. citizen dies abroad US territory. 887 more words

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United Russia Proposes a Bill to Seize Property Belonging to Residents of Countries That Introduced Sanctions Against Russia

On October 15, the online edition of „Profile“ magazine published an interview with United Russia’s State Duma representative Evgeniy Fedorov, author of the bill proposing to nationalize foreign assets in Russia in response to the international sanctions targeting its state officials and businessmen. 769 more words


Wealthy American to Spend 2 million dollars on Political Cleanliness

An Anonymous American is going to spend up to 2 million dollars to support American Citizens who wish to run for public office. 

The move has rankled some, because the criteria for receiving grants is that you can not have any foreign ties, or dual citizenship as many of our current Senators have Dual American Israeli passports. 44 more words

If I Move Out of the Country, Do I Still Pay U.S. Income Tax?

If you are a U.S. citizen living abroad, the U.S. income tax requirements are generally the same as if you lived in the United States. All gross income, whether made in the United States or abroad is subject to U.S. 178 more words

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A Corporate Tax Idea That Fixes Lots Of Problems

A Corporate Tax Idea That Fixes Lots Of Problems.

Simplicity, itself.  Let’s run this up the flagpole and see you screams the loudest…

Here is one thing Congress could do that would create more jobs, boost the economy and reduce both the budget deficit and the trade deficit.

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Client Update Newsletter: Summer 2013

When it comes to your business there is no one-size-fits-all formula to success – and your relationship with your CPA should be just as unique. That’s why we promise to deliver  114 more words