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A Detailed Critique of the NGO Call for Global Standards for Corporate Settlements in Foreign Bribery Cases

In my last couple of posts, I’ve responded to—and criticized—the joint letter that several of my favorite anticorruption NGOs (Corruption Watch, Transparency International, Global Witness, and the UNCAC Coalition) sent to the OECD last month, urging the adoption of “global standards for corporate settlements based on best practice.” My… 3,382 more words


Improved US - Cuba Relations Create Potential FCPA Risks for US Companies Looking to do Business There

The normalization of relations between the United States and Cuba offers potential lucrative business opportunities for companies that are prepared to meet Cuba’s unique corruption risks. 970 more words

Against Global Standards in Corporate Settlements in Transnational Anti-Bribery Cases

A couple weeks ago, Susan Hawley, the policy director of the UK-based NGO Corruption Watch, published a provocative post on this blog calling for the adoption of “global standards for corporate settlements in foreign bribery cases.” Her post, which drew on a recent… 1,065 more words


New 9-Page Letter Guidance From The US DoJ On FCPA Enhanced Enforcement, Self-Reporting And Cooperation

The following is a link to a new 9-page letter from the US Department of Justice providing guidance about enhanced Foreign Corrupt Practices Act enforcement, self-reporting, and the actions that are necessary for individuals and businesses to obtain cooperation status. 105 more words

The Case for Corporate Settlements in Foreign Bribery Cases

Although 41 countries have signed onto the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention, the United States remains the most active enforcer—by a lot. Two salient facts about the U.S. 2,375 more words


Guest Post: Time for Global Standards on Corporate Settlements in Transnational Bribery Cases

Susan Hawley, Policy Director of Corruption Watch, a UK-based anticorruption organization, contributes the following guest post:

Earlier this month, the OECD held a… 932 more words

Guest Commentary


Pada 2015, nilai pengadaan yang terealisasi mencapai US$9,6 milyar. Jumlah tersebut diupayakan seoptimal mungkin dimanfaatkan bagi peningkatan kapasitas nasional sehingga tercipta multiplier effect bagi perekonomian nasional. 1,089 more words

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